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  1. Yes, a plug-in allowing Texture works or an equivalent to work with Paint.Net. Of course Intel would go for the named program of Photoshop and not make any additional files for anything else (e.g. Corel, Paint.net, Daz Studio)
  2. Was wondering if anyone is currently working on any equivalent to the Intel Texture works BCn/DXT compression software. Currently only available for use on Photoshop. Hopefully I posted this in the right place.
  3. Thanks, Ash That's pretty darn close, to what I'm looking for. Think I'll give it a spin and see how it works.
  4. No, I've got Smudge. It warps the paint. The blend tool or brush, is just what it states a blender of the two different colors so they evenly flow along a given line or shape; lightening both colors so they mesh properly.
  5. Has anyone devolped a blending brush for use with Paint.net? If so, could someone direct me to where it might be found. I went through some of the brushes, but haven't found one yet. :?
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