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  1. Thats is a wrong statment. Its more like this: *.Net is windows only *the amount of P/invokes(if mono ever catches up, then somebody will just have to do these) If paint.net was written in ex: Python, then it would have ran on all platforms ages ago.
  2. Thats is a wrong statment. Its more like this: *.Net is windows only *the amount of P/invokes(if mono ever catches up, then somebody will just have to do these) If paint.net was written in ex: Python, then it would have ran on all platforms ages ago.
  3. If you do wonder, its not Windows at all.
  4. If you do wonder, its not Windows at all.
  5. Hmmmm, why is not the fact you are need java 5 or later in the main post? <.< Edit: Installed and it worked, mention java in the main post. Why i didn't have java on this PC? Opera don't need java, it got a buildt in one so i never got botherd
  6. Since the gif lacks the quality, how the heck do i make the apgn work? I placed and extraced the "library/command line" in my in "Paint.NET user files" under my documents folder <.< This is what i get attempting, i have tryed several combinations of the lib/cmd file and its not working(only the jar and both versions, dropping out rest of the content and again with both versions). Running it on 32-bit Vista Home Premium.
  7. Most PDN plugins work under vista soo.............. i guess it works............
  8. I did not really know how to describe PDN, nor how you wanted the outcome so it did kind of become a ridiculess rant I guees unless other memeber got free time, this would in the end have to do(and that not good because this is just 1 pair of eyes).
  9. Since i got nothing better to do I THINK i will write a piece: Paint.Net is a simply 2d picture/grapic/art editor, it is a open source editor like GIMP. It got layers, alpah, neat buildt in tools, stable versions, a source for editing and a decent plugin support. What is the big difference is that this image editor is using the microsoft .NET framework, and that it got a less messy interface than GIMP. GIMP is divided into 3 messy chunks where PDN is 1 big chunk, and its easyer to se stuff. While GIMP got a ridiculessy messy interface, PDN is clean. This is where the difference begins. The layers is in 1 chunk and can be an eyesore so its also a hotkey to remove it til you feel like bringing it back with the same hotkey: And also what is really making people go for Paint.Net, the pallete. Like layers its also liked to 1 key for removing, getting back. Did photoshop have someting so userfriendly? Nope, Gimp? Nope, Paint? Nope! Just move the dam thing or click it and voila you got an color, if you hit the more button you got some more stuff you will likely need anyway like Alpah and similar things: And on the top is the basic stuff in order as following: name of what your editing, size you view it in, version of PDN. And the somewhat standard tools and layout: Paint.Net got a unlimited History redo(hotkey remove/visisble too), somewhat standard tools(select, magic wand, brush, paint bucket, that stuff), and then the plugin! Plugins is what is importent to Paint.Net, and it are the "Why is PDN h4x????" Arguemtn you can use against 1337-speakers, but also against people who know what their doing but yet has to sworn their eternal marriage oath. I mean, Paint.Net got amazing plugins like Shape3D, random plugin, a ridiculess amount of Distort type plugins, Varius fire effects, i do not know how man Rendering effects, Water stuff, and a ridiculess lot more. Simply, the only problem over there might be keeping a certain controll over it. But a plugin manager is rumored to come on the 4.0 version, so we will jsut have to pray for it It could make life eayer. Pros: *Powerfull *Fast *Clean interface *User friendly *Plugins(way to many somebody said) *Easy adding plugins *Supports many filetypes *Big community *Many tutorials *Palette *Free software *Open Source *Shape 3D Conz: *It takes time to start the download of the plugins *It can take time to find your buggy plugins and remove them *No buildt in remove plugin utility(this IS a pain, simply because at times i want to remove all faulty plugins) *No plugin auto-updater *2 people working on Paint.Net itself(aka new versions takes time) *Lacks a proper buildt in brush tool *Lacks to be able to build in new tools *Consumes and eats RAM for dinner in certain cases *Does not support other Operating Systems by default *No scrollbar while browsing plugins, rarely a need, but when its first needed its a big need. Requirements: *a semi-powerfull PC i guess *Windows with .NET framework I acutally got no clue on this, nor have i an old computer at hand to test it. I guess 0,5-1gb ram should do it, storage should be big enogh for a few pictures, i got noe clue on grapic card nor proccesor frequency. -del_diablo
  10. Too bad the tread was locked, the effect was decent A bit messy and a bit hard to understand, but works xD
  11. Attempting to do a complete portover to Linux over here, but i lack someting before i can move on: Worlds best grapic editor: Paint.Net.......... The Gimp is far too complex along with a way too messy controlls and allmsot impossible to have any clue on the layers. It even have trouble saving files in 1 layer(needs confirmation <.<). Recently i just pasted over my install of PDN to my wine's C folder under programs and attempted to run it, failed. How do i use PDN using Wine or is Mono version comming along enogh yet?
  12. PS: only a fool use uTorrent, the company behind it made a deal with some major company to give them infromation on what the people using this torrent program downloaded
  13. I guess this can be posted here. Scanned, then done LOTS of stuff on it. By del_diablo
  14. Font: Impact Stock: None Metode: The troubelsome 1 frame then save ---> then put together in Beneton Gif Maker
  15. OPERA FOR THE WIN!!!!!! PS: Anybody for creating a opera skinning tread?
  16. Time to post old dead sigs.... I will also post up one i have made that is no longer in use...... And i will post some old SotW sigs...... that failed on the top of that By del_diablo at 2008-01-12 By del_diablo at 2008-03-07 By del_diablo at 2008-01-27 By del_diablo at 2008-05-15 By del_diablo at 2008-04-29 By del_diablo at 2008-02-29 By del_diablo at 2008-01-14 Note: lacks i few i hosted on Imagecows....
  17. I guess using the line tool in a new layer, maybe i will make a tutorial
  18. Heck i should spend more time on making images.........
  19. I only find 3 mistakes there too............ However i made this: By del_diablo The greem stuff was suppose to be tree's......... dam i fail.............. *snivel*
  20. Well someting i made, feel free to use at your own risk Notes: Might burn your eyes on use
  21. Made this for a sotw for a other forum, the theme was "Provided Render". The render we must put inside the image is in the ball to the left Don't love the border imo :evil:
  22. Sorry for being silly, but what about useing % resizeing? I just don't get it at all
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