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  1. I like the falling dice, and I think I might incorporate it. There is a plugin? Yay! Gonna have to look it up, thanks for comment, I should switch these to thumbnails soon, and I am thinking of undertaking a bigger project in a few days, a more suitable siggy
  2. Thank you very much! And luckily, from reading a bit, I knew to save a gif as well as pdn, so I will work on that ASAP
  3. Well, first post I saw Ash's die tutorial, couldn't figure out a few steps until the following week, but managed to make a fairly realistic looking die from scratch! I might post a tutorial if I figure out how to lessen the steps, my way was not very efficient! Here it is: And a random ball that made me think of zelda for some reason 8) I think it is the rhombus around the black opening please leave a comment on how I could improve either of these! Thanks!
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