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  1. Here is the owl I was talking about... after I added eyes and a beak. What do you think?
  2. Here is what I got. Its not great but its my quick attempt. Also could some one please explain to me how moving works because youcan stil access it from the other catagory. EDIT: I put in a bigger picture but didn't it bother anyone being so small?
  3. Hmm this looks interesting. I guess I'll give it a go. Who wants to join me? I don't want to be alone.
  4. Thanks for that Ash but I am not as familiar with point warp as you guys are. All I discovered is that it makes good tornado shapes. :oops: Could helio please confirm that with some sort of pointer as to the settings for S3D and point warp.
  5. Maybe try speak to the people that actually develop Paint.net? (not being sarcastic there) If you read the roadmap. they're already starting on PdN ver 4.0 which is gonna be a major "re-do". So maybe they'll consider it.
  6. Like similar to the way Paint.net updates if you tell it to automatically do so? Would be useful
  7. To del_diablo - Thank you for giving me your fist post (I feel so special) To helio - 1: What did your canvass look like just before using Shape 3D 2: What settings did you use for Shape 3D 3: I dont seem to have point warp (Nevermind I found it) 4: So each tooth must be made seperately?
  8. Seeing as we can't place pictures on this website. Which site should we put them on? (Remeber that tedious registration process)
  9. Wow :shock: , thats amazing, I quickly tried a rough attempt at it and it looks a bit scrappy but thats just because I didnt care much. I would probably rather use the line tool and then create a curve by using the 4 control points. To smoothen it off I used glow and the a 1 point gausian blur. Thanks a lot del. By the way is this your first post?
  10. Possibly but none of the (very few) dragons I could find looked very mean (and the people that made the dragons must have made the teeth/mouths right? The idea is to get realy mean, nasty, sharp, talon like teeth. Not the cartoon like ones.
  11. I have searched for dragons and all I can find is a dragon's entire body. So, is there anybody that knows a good way to make dragons heads, specificaly teeth. Actually it doesnt matter if they look very "dragony" but you get the idea right? (long, sharp, monster like teeth).
  12. I dont know if some one has said this already so please forgive me if they have. :oops: But if you set the edge behaviour to clamp adn add eyes you can get an owl looking thing. Even more animals+.
  13. I dont know anything realy but problably mostly trees and bushes would be nice. Like maybe more sort of forest like things.
  14. I have searched the forums and havent found any tutorials for this at the time of writing. But is there a way to create plants in PDN? It would be a good way to create a background or something. Its my first post so sorry if I did anything wrong. :oops:
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