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  1. I know Helio can help you with the claw (he knows how to make realistic teeth that look similar to that). Helio? Anybody else?
  2. ^ should do what I do (start with a gradient or clouds or something and just go with some random effects (try the random effects plugin) till you get something you might like and go from there < does the above v Is better at doing non-abstract art than I am (check my gallery)
  3. Yes, I think it can be done (am I wrong). It doesnt look tooo difficult, just looks like it will take a while to replicate exactly.
  4. I like penguins But your first and second images are broken
  5. For renders, why use a different site (if you used one before) but I say: http://www.gamerenders.com/ For plugins, go to our plugin section found here and look around. Does that help?
  6. What do you mean by claw marsk? Do you mean like red/orange lines in the are like swipes or what?
  7. The closest you can get to a big plugin pack is Ash's Google page site as it has links to all of the important plugins. The new ones however are not there but they are easy to find (page 1 of the plugins section). Ash's Google page can be foundhere. Hope this helps
  8. Oh yes I tend to get into the habit of not reading the whole post :oops:
  9. I must agree with Icefusion, this could be very useful. But is there a way of generating FEN strings? (FEBGEN? ) P.S Dont be afraind, you are not the only chess player EDIT: :shock: :shock: :shock: MINE DOESNT WORK All it shows is letters and numbers (the top line is as follows: t Mv WI V m T. The second line: O o O o O o O o.) Any idea why?
  10. [65] Airplane [45] Submarine [80] Bicycle [60] Motorcycle/ Moped/ Scooter [50] Space Shuttle [25] Train [55] Segway Yes but it still is harmful to the animals
  11. Ok but dont tthank me, thank europe (who wrote the actual tutorial to be foundhere)
  12. [5] Car/ Truck/ Van [65] Airplane [60] Yellow Submarine [75] Bicycle [55] Motorcycle/ Moped/ Scooter [50] Space Shuttle [25] Train [55] Segway
  13. We actually have far too many lightning tuts :shock: But this is the way I do it (from a tut): 1: create a linear gradient wit one control point at the top and bottom 2: Render clouds with a blend mode of difference 3: Invert the colours 4:go to adjustments -> levels and on the right side, there should be 3 evenly spaced slides, put the middle one right at the bottom 5: Go to adjustments -> Curves and remove all but the tick of the color you want as a base. 6: move the curve till you have your preffered color of Lightning (just move it a bit up a bit about 45 degrees) Does that help?
  14. So say now somebody saved all the web pages from the help (or aquired all of its information) and turned it into an offline file/program would that help?
  15. :shock: :shock: :shock: WOW :shock: :shock: :shock: HUGE improvement, thanks a lot :!:
  16. Thanks guys. I hope to add some more abstract art soon. Edit: I added the new art
  17. Tell me if I am wrong but the game is Warcraft 3 right? Well, I asked this a while back for the same reason and so far, for me the best mothed is using Extract channel found under the effects menu (somebody just needs to say if it is part of Paint.net and if not where to get it). You just duplicate until you have 4 of the same picture then extract a different channel on each one (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha). Is that what you wanted?
  18. Mine isnt working. I download it, install it, open it up and no matter what I do with the sliders, it doesnt do anything :shock:
  19. If you are talking about the FAQ at the top right corner then that is the forum's FAQ. The actual Paint.net user guide is availible by pressing F1 while using Paint.net. However as far as I know there is no printable Paint.net user guide (some people would like to make a book if I am not mistaken though.) From what I understand you only have access to the internet from your office. If so then why not save the webpage to a flash drive/memory stick/pen drive and take it home? Hope this helps
  20. I like this, but is it possible to make it a little less random to suite your current needs (e.g a random effect from the render menu or the distort menu depending on what you want to do with the picture)?
  21. 7/10 I think it is good but I'm not into the human body (haha)
  22. 9/10 I like the colour matching and the pretty patterns
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