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  1. You get your milk and oreos but the milk is 3 years past its use by date so you die from food poisoning
  2. I like your art (mainly the newest one) probably because I am also a LP fan. Keep it up
  3. Everything becomes chocolate (including your computer and Rick, which mean no more Paint.net :shock: ). Then there just so happens to be a heatwave and it all melts, leaving you as the only thing left in the universe... I wish that the world was saved from global warming
  4. OK thanks It works now but that does kinda inconvenience people
  5. Hey, welcome to the Paint.net forums! To learn how to make an animated picture go here. To make a flower if you don't actually have one already go here. I hope that this helps you
  6. Ok so I dont know what that is but I will assume that it is either a printer or a camera so I will corrupt both: Printer: You get you brand new canon but there are no cartridges that work in it! Camera: Your shiny new canon's shutter gets stuck closed after your first photo! My wish: I wish the .blp file type plugin would work right now
  7. My screen looks exactly the same but the blp option is not there (apart from my other installed filetypes). Can somebody else check this out? Am I alone with my problem or did I do something wrong?
  8. Thanks guys I think it works best to use TreeGen and then give it some colour and glow.
  9. There are half a milion tutorials on how to draw "cool looking lightning" but all of those fill your canvas with clouds as well. What I would like to know if there is a way to render (without using polygon or paintbrush) just lightning, without clouds or other background. Can anyone help?
  10. Is it possible to have a window that gives you more than one option e.g to install it as a filetype or a font, maybe even a pallete or brush. Then just have it set to effect by default to people can just click -> if they dont want to install other things often.
  11. Thanks a lot! I frequently need to use blps in a warcraft map and just the other day I was thinking how much I hate the current tools for the conversion. So thanks for making mapping just that much easier! EDIT:Mine does not work (in the save dialog, there is no option for .blp
  12. Wow succeed is proving to be difficult. Heres my try: Succeed :arrow: attain
  13. Yes and like I mentioned earlier (I think I did) it is caused by the layer blending. So that makes no difference. Oh wait I found the problem. The bluring around the text is causing it. Thanks for the help though guys
  14. Ummm the one that you see on this forum is a PNG, but yes I did save a PDN form as well. Is that a problem?
  15. I like your work (its abstract, I like abstract). I expect some amazing work from you in the near future! Keep it up
  16. Sorry scudder I dont know what to do with your images (although I am an anime fan). But your post was a week ago with no replies so here is my question. (If I am incorrect in asking a new question then feel free to reply to scudder, not me. Q: On my current sig (100th post) the smaller text ("D3z" and "100th post") has a white "border" around it which is ugly and not wanted. The thing is that this is caused only by the blend modes (as far as I know) and I didnt put anything there. Is there a way to remove it and what could I have done to cause it (blurs?). Can anyone help me?
  17. Nice, I like your work. Not such a fan of the new sig though (the splatter, red one). I await more of your art
  18. ^ is wrong (donations anyone? ) < wants sabrown to reply to the effect repeater post by me (pweease) v agrees that the effect repeater would be helpful Note: for those lazy people out there (like me ) the effect repeater thread can be found here.
  19. The next sig/tag maker of the month competition. There will be another one right? 0.o
  20. I would have entered but I havent seen the movie. I eagerly await the next one.
  21. Well I suppose that in my ideal world you could choose, random or not. Unfortunately this is not my ideal world But what was initially intended is that you put in an "X re-ocurrence distance" (for lack of a better name+is that spelled right?) and a "Y re-ocurrence distance" (see previous brackets) and say you put in 100 for both and you were using Point warp, then it would run point warp every 100 pixels X and Y (so then you have a grid of point warps). Idealy you could choose not to have X and Y and only have 1. Also you could use the way used in Random effect for plugin settings. Does that answer you question in an understandable way?
  22. Pie because I have never had a Taco Opera or Firefox
  23. This is great, its like conditional hue/saturation but in Paint brush from. I like it
  24. Before we start, lets get 1 thing down, I know nothing about programming so frogive me if I make no sense. Is it possible to repeat an effect (say for instance Bulge) over and over again at multiple places on the canvas. For example you bulge the image every 100 pixel on X and 150 pixels on Y. Is such a thing possible, to make a plugin that runs the plugin over and over again every so many pixels?
  25. Thank god it was fake.... ...huh? At least it wasnt real money.
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