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  1. Thanks but thats wierd 1: you have to go there and then click on refresh 2: it only worked in Firefox and not in IE7 3: the "Check for Updates" command doesnt find the update But anyways, I have it now. Thanks for the update!
  2. ^ this my sig is cool < thinks my sig is cool (otherwise I wouldnt use it) v has Paint.Net 3.36
  3. 9/10 I like it, nice combination of colours and light
  4. Can you not just play the movie, then get the image into Paint.net but before you quit/continue the movie, you save the image? Or does that change as well? Hope this helps
  5. What filetype are you saving it as and at what detail setting. For optimal quality you should save it as a .pdn file If it is not that then I do not know.
  6. The download page still says 3.35 Or am I just not looking in the right place? :oops:
  7. Thanks so much! I love the siesmograph-ed clouds
  8. Happy Birthday to a wonderful Paint.Net artist and plugin-er Enjoy it
  9. I think it is pretty good, not my taste but nicely done
  10. You get your shiny new parts but you CPU is not strong enought to support them so your computer restarts every 5 minutes (this actually happened to one of my friends ) oh and then your PSU melts just to make life even harder. I wish Spore came out today and I got it free. But only me. :twisted: :twisted:
  11. You get to smudge it but nobody likes the smudged version apart from you. I wish more people from South Africa were registered on the Paint.net forums
  12. Nice! I Mainly like the Jar of life thingy Keep it up!
  13. Firstly, Welcome to the Paint.Net Forums! I like the art but couldnt you just like it to the page using the IMG tags? then we dont have to follow the links. Anyways, I like your art. Keep it up!
  14. @ Marc: Thanks @ Everybody: Finally that update that I mentioned earlier, has been posted. Enjoy!
  15. Yes, it can be done. I wont go into making a whole tutorial now but basically. 1 - Get your stocks (pictures of the player in this case and maybe a flag or something for the background) 2 - Paste them on separate layers 3 - Duplicate those layers and use the "color tint" plugin (use our awesome search tool!) 4 - Move these blue layers slightly to the side 5 - Create a new layer and move it to the bottom, then put in your background (the flag mentioned in number 1 if you got one. Otherwise play around to get a nice background) 6 - For the glowy line go here and follow the steps. 7 - Flatten the image if you want 8 - You are done Did I miss anything? I hope this helps
  16. I agree, It looks nice... just a bit, Harsh on the edges. Keep it up!
  17. I like your art. Probably mainly because I am an animal-lover but I think they look nice. They also look hand draw some of them. Did you do them in paint.net or scan them in and use Paint.net for the backgrounds? Keep it up and Welcome to the forums
  18. I have a color tint plugin but I don't know where I found it (can anyone help me there?) You select just a specific object in your picture you the awesome search tool and search for outlining objects (or something like that, it can be found in our tutorials section). Alternatively, for just making certainparts of your picture black and white while keeping the rest in colour go to the tutorials section -> The Pleasantville effect (it is sticky'd and it tells you how) Hope this helps
  19. You cannot do this only with Paint.net however there is a tutorial on how to acheive this (animated picture from paint.net) in ou tutorials section Does anyone have the link handy?
  20. Depends on which one you are talking about? Most dont take very long (max 20mins) Note:There should be an update at the end on the month (if I remember that is )
  21. I agree, it is well written also a good sig style, I love it
  22. I like it, specially the metallica ones Keep it up!
  23. oh right sorry :oops: I wish Zwicky would Utterly destroy my wish
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