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  1. After some time that I have spent without using Paint.net, I have gone back to it again and now I have updated my gallery with my Latest art and I guess I should remove the old stuff to shorten it a bit but I will do that later.... Oh well I hope you all enjoy the update and remember to post your comments!
  2. I would describe it as: Mysteriously awe inspiring Dont ask me why, it just is...
  3. Thats exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! But seeing as its just drawing, and its only a once-off thing that I want it for, cant I just use that and cut out then edit it? (I plan on using S3D to get it into the required position)
  4. I have managed to create a palm tree and island with S3D but not I would like palm leaves and do not know how to create then so that they would fit in with the rest of the tree. Can anybody help me?
  5. Nice. I like your abstract, but then again, I like most abstracts.... Oh well. Keep it up!
  6. Do you people have a secret community for making plugins that do the work of a tutorial? Thanks for the plugin BB, I liked the effect from the start
  7. And so ends the reign of an amazing Paint.net artist, coder and contribution to the forum. We will miss you (EDIT: If its is because of school work, then does that mean you will be back in a few years? :idea:
  8. its like Nvidia calling their new 3 way SLI "triple SLI" geez these people need to hire some imaginative people.
  9. I do have to agree with Overkill there But anyways, the Christian Bible mentions something about a mark on the (right I think) arm and the forehead and supposedly they are gonna have a system were there is a chip in your body at those places and it is like a credit card and the ONLY way of cunducting transactions. I have also heard somebody say that the antichrist was supposed to be born on the 06/06/2006 (so my school had a whole special thing on that day, but then again they also refused to teach us about evolution because it does not go together with Christianity very well) I hope I dont offend anybody with that, its just my opinion.
  10. I have to go with the mythical creatures one how about: unicorn; dragon; cyclops; witch(they can burn if you get them to 0 ); Non-Paint.net lover (very rare!) and I cant think of anything else right now
  11. I havent tried it yet but I cant wait to do so! Nice tutorial
  12. D3z

    RPG map

    I like it. Was it done in Paint.net because it is pretty good, nice and smooth. Also you could simply give a direct link to the image using our wonderful BBCode system. See Myrridins tutorial on how to do that (it is sticky'd in the tutorials section). Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. I would have to go with Pantaleao. It would mean that if somebody doesnt ever use certain flag(s) then they never get downloaded. Therefore reducing the bandwidth that gets used (and bandwidth is not all that cheap here in South Africa, if anybody cares about us that is...)
  14. I am adding to my old list (go search for it, I am too lazy): Chrome! The brand new browser from google
  15. I must agree Also remember that Chrome has only just been released, it will almost definitely get these capabilities and I am sure it will grow to be a wonderful browser if I think of the other stuff the Google team has managed to produce. But so far I like it. (I am actually using it while writing this )
  16. Yay! I love plugin packs because it means I can find more and more plugins in just 1 place. Thanks for the pack Mike
  17. I have updated it (again :shock: ) with some old sigs
  18. OK lets get back on track here: Granted. He/she doesnt make a wish but then there is nothing for anyone to corrupt so no more corrupt-a-wish game anymore :shock: I wish I wasnt sick anymore!
  19. I like it but the white bit at the bottom seems to fill it up too much 7/10
  20. Why dont you make a second link with the flags (and a plugin for offline flags) so people can go the to local Internet cafe (if it allows downloading) or a friends house and then just take it home?
  21. ye you got the right place But I like your work (most of it) Keep it up
  22. [55] Airplane [25] Submarine [85] Bicycle [55] Motorcycle/ Moped/ Scooter [55] Space Shuttle [25] Train [55] Segway
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