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  1. Is there a plug in similar to photoshop that allows for a full cut out of a single item in a image? If not is there a thread that shows a simple process to do so? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'll give this a go but I am sure someone with more skill will explain to better... Import your photo to a layer.- Layer-Import file Create a second layer. In the second layer pick a primary color and then have the secondary transparent value (0).-Tool bar-pick the blue box-then up on the tool bar above the canvas you will have 4 choices of how the grade will display-choose the first-apply. You may need to invert the primary and secondary color values to the way you want to blend the photo to color. Depending on how you want the image to look you can also shuffle the layers. You can add several layers and add different colors and textures and fonts.-Layer tool box You can also adjust the image with the crop tools for the canvas size and image size as well.-Image- When you get what you want you can save as a pnd file which will keep the layers but only read in paint, or jpge which will compress the layers and read by other programs.-File-save as- Hope this helps R
  3. Thank you. That will work. Nice work around, thanks for taking the time to respond. cheers.
  4. I hope this is the right place to share. I made 6 templates for literature applications such as poems and stories. You should be able to re-size them and use for brushes or use the templates as is. Modify as you wish. BUT if you want to use them for commercial applications. You must contact me prior to use. Thanks. Here is the URL: I would love some feedback as this is my first go. Thanks
  5. Could someone lead me to a program or process which allows for the convertion of Gimp file formats (brushes) to png file formats (brushes) so they can be used in ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to respond! That makes sence.
  7. Hi, New to the site, love the program!! Hope I put this is the right place. Quick question. When I was down loading various plugs they all went to effects.-now the folder is HUGE. Is there another sub-cat that they should go in? For example I noticed that some people have talked about a folder for brushes and when I look at my menu this folder does not exist. Can I make a new one? How would that be accomplished? Would I then need to move all the plud dlls and zips to that folder? Would it be faster just to down load them to the new folder ( if able to create)? :? Thanks for taking the time to respond. photohappy.