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  1. hi there everyone, has anyone used this program to paint nr2003 racing car files ?...thank you :shock:
  2. hey barkbark00, when i try this, its black. :shock: .nice job though...thanks
  3. ok, thanks guys. but how are these glass logos made?....thanks
  4. alittle rough. better than what i can do though. thanks
  5. hi everyone, how would i extract this glass apple image to put on another background? i know about using the wand to get rid of the background but what about behind the glass apple....thanks
  6. :shock: . i think i'll do this one a couple times. i think i went too far on the gradient. thank you !
  7. how far do you come down in the first step using the gradient ? and i have more of a blend [fade] in my gradient between the black & white that what yours looks like. i did set the alpha.....thanks
  8. hey there, is there much difference between zoom deluxe and the current one in pdn 3.31 ?...thanks :shock:
  9. i like this, where to get blurr deluxe?...thanks
  10. wouldn't it make a difference? what would be the purpose of making a duplicate layer?... :shock: ..thanks
  11. when you make a duplicate layer and its in the layers list, how can you tell which one is the original ? does the original stay above the duplicate? or does the original stay highlighted?...thank you
  12. hi, i have some white png icons with glass borders. how do i save them to ico without the glass turning black. i tried a couple times but i lose the glass....thank you...EDIT: nevermind, i got it
  13. when you install a plugin, does it suppose to have its own icon in its category. such as in the effects drop down list?...thank you
  14. i did post in that tutorial. i'll be dead before someone visits that tutorial.....
  15. in the "make a desktop and paper" tutorial....thanks
  16. drop shadow is listed in the effects tab but it has no effect. i think i have it installed right? heres screenshot...thank you http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/7079/effectswj9.jpg
  17. ok, how to install Kris Vandermottens newest drop shadow plugin? only putting the dll into the effects folder don't work..........thanks
  18. posting help in the tutorial section, one would be awhile getting help....thanks
  19. oh, ok then, sorry, i am just stumped on that step....thanks
  20. according to the rules, there are to be no post as such in the tutorial section from what i understand. i don't see a how to section, sorry..thanks
  21. hi all. im doing this as practice and theres one part i don't understand...10.1. Make a row of equal signs, followed by rows of dashes. what does this mean exactly? And the following step, please......thank you
  22. hi all, is it a good idea to install all the plugins or only install them when needed?....thank you
  23. hi all, is there a tutorial about removing text from an image with out ruining the image?...thank you
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