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  1. hi there everyone, has anyone used this program to paint nr2003 racing car files ?...thank you :shock:
  2. hey barkbark00, when i try this, its black. :shock: .nice job though...thanks
  3. ok, thanks guys. but how are these glass logos made?....thanks
  4. alittle rough. better than what i can do though. thanks
  5. hi everyone, how would i extract this glass apple image to put on another background? i know about using the wand to get rid of the background but what about behind the glass apple....thanks
  6. :shock: . i think i'll do this one a couple times. i think i went too far on the gradient. thank you !
  7. how far do you come down in the first step using the gradient ? and i have more of a blend [fade] in my gradient between the black & white that what yours looks like. i did set the alpha.....thanks
  8. hey there, is there much difference between zoom deluxe and the current one in pdn 3.31 ?...thanks :shock:
  9. i like this, where to get blurr deluxe?...thanks
  10. wouldn't it make a difference? what would be the purpose of making a duplicate layer?... :shock: ..thanks
  11. when you make a duplicate layer and its in the layers list, how can you tell which one is the original ? does the original stay above the duplicate? or does the original stay highlighted?...thank you
  12. hi, i have some white png icons with glass borders. how do i save them to ico without the glass turning black. i tried a couple times but i lose the glass....thank you...EDIT: nevermind, i got it
  13. when you install a plugin, does it suppose to have its own icon in its category. such as in the effects drop down list?...thank you
  14. i did post in that tutorial. i'll be dead before someone visits that tutorial.....
  15. in the "make a desktop and paper" tutorial....thanks
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