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  1. ive seen a tut on "the page curl"

    but can some one do a tut specifically for these "circle sticky note thingys" (as i call them)?

    i cant seem to get it right...

    but maybe a well seasoned user could lead the way

    imma keep trying...

    but if u beat me to the punch

    please post!!

    i kno i ask a lot questions on these forum thingys

    so thanx a bunch


    p.s. i like the bottom one the best

    because (obviously)

    it looks the most realistic



  2. i think imma cry...

    ive downloaded the custom brush plugin, abr.viewer, n some cool brushes [[yay me!!]]

    but when i go into [[effects>draw with custom brushes]]

    and clicky clicky on the brush i want to use

    it draws with the same line everytime!!

    and my brush's img wont show up



    can someone tell me what i might be doin wrong??

    n then tell me how i can do it rite??

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