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  1. Thanx a lot Dark Thoughts, I had totally forgotten that I had the Layers Window hidden since I first started tinkering with PDN, (bad idea lol). No wonder I was clueless all this time about layers. :oops: but thanx for pointing it out for me, was much appreciated. By the way, here's my sample and great tutorial, Ben_R_R thanx:
  2. Ok, Im fairly new to PDN and I was wondering if someone can help me understand some PDN language from this tutorial. I was doing good until I got to this part: 3} Duplicate layer 4} Top layer - Effects - Distort - Bulge +100 5} Bottom layer - Effects - Distort - Bulge -200 6} Top layer - Blend Mode - Xor > I see where it says "Layers" when using PDN and where it says "Duplicate Later" then I click it, but I don't know how to apply steps 4, 5 and 6. How do I get to the Top Layer in order to apply the "Effects - Distort - Bulge +100", then how do I get to the Bottom layer to apply the "Effects - Distort - Bulge -200", then finally back to the Top Layer to apply the "Blend Mode - Xor"? I'm sure this is fairly easy for many of you, but like I said, I'm new and I'd like to learn more and I thought I'd practice with this tut, but just need a little help with this part thanx so much in advance for any help given.