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  1. Thanks for your feedbacks, adel and barbieq25.
  2. Ok so here's my first crack at the tut. Not as awesome as those some of you posted on here, but just thought I'd share my first real try at it. Towards the end I just started playing around with a few drop shadows, motion blurs and such to come up with the final results. I'm not too happy about the top portion, since it looks like it lacks more of a metal/chrome look, but I can just play around with that too. Thanks to adel for the great tutorial (sorry again for all the questions lol) and to Sfifer and Goonfella for their help in better understanding some steps.
  3. Thanks so much Goonfella for your reply and help. I forgot that just because we have the latest version of PDN, doesn't mean we have the latest plug in version haha. I'll go and update it and try this tutorial from scratch once again. Hopefully I'll get it right this time.
  4. First off, I want to apologize for all my questions. I haven't really been using PDN for some time now and I'm somewhat rusty. so please bare with me. I could never really understand how to use the 'Alpha Mask'. On step 14, it says: I do that, but then it says to either 'delete it' or to 'uncheck that layer'. Ok, so let's say I go with the choice to 'deleted it'. Then on step 15 it says: This is where the confusion for me starts because this is a screenshot of what the pop up mini window of the 'Alpha Mask' looks like: As you can see, it has an empty field where I'm suppose to add a file to it. What file am I suppose to add in there and how do I go about doing that? Also in step 15 it mentions us to make sure that "Paste frome clipboard is selected". As you can see in the screenshot, there is no "Paste frome clipboard" to select. Also in step 22 it says: How do we do that? Is that another plugin? Can someone please help me better understand these steps before continuing? Again, sorry for the newbie questions but I kind of like this tut and I want to get it just right. Thanks ahead of time for your help. Most likely this won't be my last question.
  5. With all due respect Adel, you actually did forget. You forgot to mention 'Clouds' in step 8 as Sfifer just pointed out. Thanks Sfifer, now I can continue with this tut.
  6. Nice end result Adel. However, I was trying to follow your tut, but you lost me at step 8. You say: So I put my color palette at white (primary) and black (secondary), then I go to Effects >> Render >> but then that's where you lost me. I don't see anything that resembles 'Scale'. Any idea where that is or is that another plugin that you forgot to mention we need? Can you please clarify that step before I can continue? Thank you ahead of time.
  7. That's pretty good man. Know what would've been sweeter? If you had edited the bottle label to show C# instead of the 2 XX's.
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    Thanks for your reply/help yellowman. Was much appreciated.
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    Very nice results Sarkut. However, you lost me a bit back where you say: How do we do that? Or is that explained where you say?: If you or anyone who fully understands this tut can help me out I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  10. YKYL when you start following a tutorial, but then on the second step you realize it's too long or complicated to follow, so you quit and think "I'll follow it some other time".
  11. Listening to a few Pantera and Black Sabbath songs.
  12. Thanks for the Youtube sample Pyrochild. Hmmm...not really useful for the types of graphics I work with, but I'm sure it can be useful for others who wish to make funny edits to people' faces and other graphic projects and what not. Nice plugin though pyrochild, thanks for sharing it.
  13. Not trying to be negative here, but can you or someone please post more samples of what exactly this plugin does before I consider installing it? I'm sure it's great, but the sample you provided in your first post doesn't really show much of what it does. Thanks ahead of time.
  14. Thanks for pointing that out for me Sarkut.
  15. Nice tut, but I got lost in step 7 When I add the new layer and name it 'Base Brushed Metal' and fill it with black, the whole square canvas turns black. How do you do it so that it only fills the circle and not the whole canvas like in the tut images? Also in step 6: When he says "Set the Transparency to about 20% Transparent", does he mean "Adjustments >>> Transparency"? Since Expiration hasn't been on since 2008, hopefully someone who understood this tut better can help? Thanks ahead of time.
  16. Yea, I came across that one earlier, but wasn't what I was looking for. Plus, that one's like 5 years old. Thanks though afcdon.
  17. Hello, was wondering if anyone knows if there's been a recent Paint.Net tutorial for a Glassy Button or Glassy Orb posted anywhere? The type of Glass Button I'm looking for is basically similar to this Photoshop YouTube tutorial: Anybody know where I can find such a tutorial for Paint.Net? Thanks ahead of time.
  18. The new 'Punk Goes Classic Rock' CD. Pretty good stuff.
  19. Lakers beat the Thunder kids and advance to the 2nd round of the Playoffs

  20. Exactly my thoughts. Here's another I forcibly got stuck in my head. lol
  21. It's been 3 days now that I've had this song stuck in my head. I'm not complaining, just saying.