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    Art, Programming (I can't do anything but i think it's cool ^^), gaming, swimming, shooting (That's damn awesome!) and i also like to model for the Source engine, but the program filled too much so i can't do that anymore :(

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  1. Here's my way of smudging. (Adding pictures soon) 1. Find your picture, i chose one wich i wanted to use for a wallpaper. 2. Add a new layer. 3. Put random blobs and lines on the new layer (Splatter tool is great for that) 4. Smudge the blobs and line untill they look pretty transparent. 5. Accept the changes and play around with curves. That's my new way of using it to add dirt to a lens or if you are careful, blood on walls or floors.
  2. Yes i have, but as i see it, sharpen and (what is see as) de-blur isn't the same, as de-blur removes the blur, while sharpen just sharpens edges and that sort up (removing no real blur to me). So this is a new plugin (even though sharpen is standard? xD). EDIT: Actually sharpen, just sharpens everything up, i just tried with a blurry image (pixelated and blurry) and all it did was making transparent pixels less transparent and make all have more colour and such, not the effect i'm going for.
  3. I would like someone to make a de-blur or un-blur tool, wich could simply remove the blur from some images, i have a pretty good idea how this could be possible, as if you find out the exact percentages of wich EACH pixel is splitted to it's adjecant pixels so i creates the blur effect, it should be possible to do it backwards too, like if we say a 1 px blur makes the single pixel being split into 9 pixels (3x3 square, it's like 1+1+1 if the middle is the pixel we are talking about) and the middle is stronger than the one to the right, and left and top and bottom, and top, right, bottom and left is stronger than corners, therefore when the percentage is figured out, you'll propably just need to make a pluging analysing each pixel, and it's adjecant pixels so it can pull in, it's color (If you get my point). Here is my idea how you could maybe do it, make a script that figures out how much each pixel needs of it's adjecant pixels strength or colour and then it takes the colour and puts it into each pixel. Here is a small scheme that might be usefull (Made by blurring a single pixel by 1 into a 3x3 square) Middle: 63 of 255 transparency :AlphaChannel: Left, right, top and bottom: 31 of 255 transparency :AlphaChannel: Corners: 15 of 255 transparency :AlphaChannel: EDIT: I've found out that if you just pull the colour of it's adjecant pixels in (On a tranparent background) you only achieve 64.71% of the pixels full colour, use this information if you can.
  4. tmh47


    Well here is my try: Don't think it turned out well, and i don't think the tutorial is that good, i'm sorry
  5. Hey, i'm pretty new to PDN (Three months i've been working with it(It=PDN)) and here is my try(Screenshot version) And the original one: I think it turned out pretty well after messing with it about 15 min. I like your tut and it's easy to understand and follow, although i think you could add, emoticons... If you didn't already, i'm 12 years old and i already have memory like a goldfish (2 seconds Harddisk memory and less then 0.5 seconds of RAM memory ^^)
  6. Hey guys, here i will be posting my pictures and i've been trying to do something comic stylish, i'll post that picture right when i get my ImageShack account up running, when it's posted i would love to see critisism and thoughts about i should make a comic out of it. I would love to try but it's pretty much up in your hands (And the hands of the deviants) to decide. I'll probably be posting all my favourite pieces of art in here. Have fun looking around! Gallery Contains: First Comic Strip Picture "Zombie Rampage"
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