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  1. Was hoping this might have already been mentioned, but I searched the forums and couldn't find any satisfactory results... In build 5143 and 5152 my text tool does not seem to have "Small Fonts" available to it. I've checked MS Paint, and the font is definitely on my system. I hadn't used the font previous to installing the 4.0 alphas/betas, but I think this problem may have existed in my install of 3.x as well. Here's a pastebin of my Diagnostics: pastebin.com/MDsHR6En
  2. Custom Build, if not which company? Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop or Desktop: Laptop OS: Windows Vista Home Premium Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core (T2310) @ 1.46Ghz & 1.47 Ghz Motherboard: No idea. Video/Graphics: GeForce 8400M GS Total Available Graphics Mem: 895MB How much HD space? 232 GB How much RAM? 2 gig DX 10 You gotta love Vista, iz aw+ :!: 8)
  3. Search the source for the FloatingToolForm class. It should be in the main paintdotnet project. I know, I saw it, but the code makes so many references to other bits of code, it would be next to impossible to disentangle. I searched google fo other ways to do it, but you guys are apperently the only ones willing to share... >.<
  4. And of course the source I need is spread evenly across the entire project... Oh well, I can go without...
  5. In PDN, how did you make the tool windows snap to the parent form's edge? Thanks, Sidneys1
  6. JSYN, Pyrochild's effect pack now has a "Smudge" plugin.
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