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  1. I made this Paint.Net wallpaper a little while ago in three sizes... A widescreen version (2500x1600): http://optimus-black.deviantart.com/art ... n-85964705 A Fullscreen version (1600x1200): http://optimus-black.deviantart.com/art ... n-85964829 A PSP formatted version (480x272): http://optimus-black.deviantart.com/art ... P-85971215
  2. here's what I did.... 1.) Duplicated it, unchecked the first layer. 2.) On the second layer I used the oil paint effect with the brush size at 3 and the coarsness at 3 3.) Used median on the second layer with the radius at 3 & the percentile at 50 4.) Re-checked the top layer and set it's mode to Darken with the opacity at 225.
  3. I didn't know it was called "Vector Effect". I'm experimenting with the oil painting effect right now and it does look like what I want but it's not nearly as impressive as the tutorial I saw.
  4. Exactly! I'm talking about achieving the effect, I don't even know what a "vector format" is.
  5. No, the entire thing was done in PDN. Why do you people find this so hard to believe? :? I swear it's the truth.
  6. You dont understand: Paint.NET (Not VectorMagic) cannot vectorize images, work with vector images, create vector layers, NOTHING. Paint.NET CANNOT work with vector images! I don't care what you call it, all I know is a while ago I saw a tutorial for paint.net that had step by step instructions for making a picture go from the "before" image above to the "after" one. I probably won't be able to find it but I'm try like hell to & if I do run across it again you'll see...
  7. It is possible! Of course I'm not talking about a automatic process like vectormagic.com, it was a step by step tutorial. I'm gonna find it and prove all of you wrong because I now it can be done.
  8. If I'm posting this in the wrong place please do not delete it, just move it, please. About a year ago I found a tutorial for vectorizing images with Paint.net & now I couldn't find it to save my life. Does anyone happen to where to find it or another one like it? The one I saw was on a site that was for Paint.Net & Photoshop tutorials. I've searched this site, been all over Google.....I got nada. Here's an example: Before vectorizing... After vectorizing... I've seen stuff one the web about this not being possible with PDN but it is, I've tried it.
  9. So I'm making a Superman wallpaper that I plan on uploading to Deviant Art, but before I can finish it I'm gonna need some help. Can anyone cut Clark holding the cape out of this picture and remove the CW logo? I'll gladly give give credit where it's due when I post it. Here's the picture: http://i30.tinypic.com/262qgpk.jpg
  10. I run PDN from my PSP because my brother don't want me installing "all kinds of stuff" on his computer.
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