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  1. I havent been on here in forever But I need your help now. Im designing a theme for a PSP application called SliderXMB. but Im a little stuck. I htink it looks pretty good, but it looks too empty in the area indicated by the red box. I want to put some design there or somehting but I cant think of anything. X_x btw, u like my new avvy? :o
  2. I was playing around today... The image is really big. Heres a thumbnail. Heres the image in about half size (cant upload any bigger) http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm170/OneofPwnage/BlackHoleExplosion.png
  3. This is an awesome effect, Ive been using a lot for beter outline glow effects. But I dld the big package that u linked to, and now when I click on Outline Object in the effects menu, an error window pops up telling me that it crashed and wants to close PDN. I get this message (Im not an admin on my computer and I had to make a copy of pdn in my documents to add effects) Do u know whats going on? IM using a different version that I dont remember where i got it. The rest of the plugins in the pack work.
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