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  1. I havent been on here in forever But I need your help now. Im designing a theme for a PSP application called SliderXMB. but Im a little stuck. I htink it looks pretty good, but it looks too empty in the area indicated by the red box. I want to put some design there or somehting but I cant think of anything. X_x btw, u like my new avvy? :o
  2. I was playing around today... The image is really big. Heres a thumbnail. Heres the image in about half size (cant upload any bigger)
  3. Does anyone know how to make that sort of effect in PDN?
  4. This is an awesome effect, Ive been using a lot for beter outline glow effects. But I dld the big package that u linked to, and now when I click on Outline Object in the effects menu, an error window pops up telling me that it crashed and wants to close PDN. I get this message (Im not an admin on my computer and I had to make a copy of pdn in my documents to add effects) Do u know whats going on? IM using a different version that I dont remember where i got it. The rest of the plugins in the pack work.