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  1. Well, it was working, and now it's not. Neither save nor open dialogs work. I really don't want to nuke my windows profile, especially on my work computer where I'm not netadmin. Guess I'll meander over to Gimp for Windows.
  2. I'd like to have a multiplier on the Fixed Size Select tool. Essentially, if I'm going to crop a picture to a particular aspect ratio (say, to create an avatar), the normal method would be to use a fixed ratio select, crop, and scale. That scale operation, however, is going to be some non-round number in general. If I'm not mistaken, scaling something down by a factor of 2 results in better quality than scaling down by 2.01, due to subsampling. Right? So, if my end goal is to create something that is, say, 200x240, and I have a 2000x2000 image, I'd like to specify "200x240 times Y multiplier," where I can modify the Y multiplier as I see fit. Specifically, I'd likely use a nice, round number like 4 or 8. This may seem like bloat to you, but I'd use the feature quite a bit.
  3. FYI: Killing jusched.exe did not fix the problem for me. Does disabling the option for Java to automatically check for updates help at all? When you uncheck the box to auto-check, it gives you the option to "never" check. Try that if you haven't already. Well, I disabled the Java autoupdate. I also happened to install XP SP3. The Save-as box works now, so one of those two actions fixed the problem.
  4. OK. Here's what I've done: [*:csp70g8k]Uninstalled every version of the .NET framework from my machine. [*:csp70g8k]Installed the .NET Framework version 3.5, which also installs v2.0sp1 and v.3.0sp1 [*:csp70g8k]Uninstalled Paint.NET [*:csp70g8k]Installed Paint.NET v3.31 Still doesn't work. My specs: Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz; 4GB RAM (with the /3GB switch enabled); Windows XP SP2 (32-bit OS on 64-bit processor)
  5. I, too, am having this problem. The system can be unfrozen by hitting escape (essentially canceling the invisible "save as" box that is causing the issues). My guess is that it is indeed a .NET issue.
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