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  1. As a motivation to others: I've submitted a logo!
  2. Really difficult, because both are great! However - like chrisco - I like Mayor's better for the awesome use of C4D's. Again, like both a lot! Sharp: 0 Mayor: 3 ---------- #winner Mayor
  3. I just can't figure out how to add brushes in CBM (well, in the plugin.. but how do I add photoshop brushes? I believe that was a possibility ages ago?). Any help?
  4. I know you, and you know me :-D. I only use a totally differend username on Draynor! Mwuhahaha! Send me a PM if you know who the hell I am :-).
  5. Very nice tutorial! But, as you said, it works best with Times New Roman or something like that. I might be using it as header for websites or something :-D.
  6. Made a button cover for website design: Please comment/rate?
  7. Great.. finally; the brushes I've been looking for for ages.. OMG.. *^%Q#%^Q^% Ps brushes.. I cn't view .rar files, so..
  8. I like the Wesley Sneijder Sig! Not only I'm Dutch (Hup Holland Hup!), the background is really nice, and the T-Shirt effects are awsome! Keep going!
  9. I love your "Machine-a-like" signatures.. . If you could post a tutorial on how to make those..? (A). Well, anyways.. Nice works and I love your 3D text/logo tutorial!
  10. I didn't use it on text, but on a picture (I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and your tutorial is just very easy to follow, so I used your tutorial!). See my result here: (I've also added a littlebit of Zoom Blur)
  11. Euhm.. I'm not sure, but.. The Rainbow Palette isn't a .DLL file.. It's just a text-document, wich isn't really text, but wich is coding :S. Nice effects anyways, some were perfectly what I was looking for!
  12. You are really experienced! Some pictures (like the grey water drop) I don't really like, because of the colours, but your skills are incredible! Keep up the good work! .
  13. Thanks! And you saw it on the "explosion" tutorial. That was my first post ever! . I agree . But I love the electric effect, so I wanted to try if I could make the explosion really like an electric boom ^^. Thanks! I love to hear you like my style!
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