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  1. Most of you GTA fanboys and fangirls know that GTA IV is going to be a big big game of the year. You know what, it'll be out tomorrow so huzzle your buzzle and get a copy or else there goes nothing on the shelf left for you. A big change about this is Rockstar applies a 16 multiplayer mode. Take it online and beat some newbs down. More news will be updated very soon.
  2. Netscape I think, I'm using a PSP (aka PlayStation Portable, Yahoo it) to browse all the websites including this. Woo hoo, I've learned a lot about Paint.NET's abilities here. Thank y'all!
  3. Your baby is so cute. Anyway, your creations are pretty much realistic especially the first 2 pictures. They are well-mixed that I thought I was some where flying and flying in the air. So magical...
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