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  1. Well I've seen an effect in an youtube video a while ago when they are doing afterwork on the models faces and going over it with some kind of circle making the colors similiar to remove some spots in the face. I thought this function seems pretty interesting - not only for faces. That's why I'd like to know if there is some way of copying it in paint.net or a plug-in or something.
  2. I have following problem. I have a picture where some parts are to dark on it. If I enlighten the whole stuff, other parts get to bright. A mate of me said in Photoshop you can do something about it with a vector mask. Well, I don't know what this is or if there is a similiar function in Paint.net or maybe a Plug-In. Otherwise I really need help how I can handle this.
  3. Well its a stamp print and I want to archieve the whole thing at all, not just special parts in this effect. If some look bad, I still can skip them.
  4. Arrgh, I meant stamp. This is the effect I'd like to archieve: http://jedynka.om.pttk.pl/galerie/Piotr ... a_1977.jpg
  5. I'm trying to get a effect similar to a stomp when used, but im seriously out of ideas. Anyone got some?
  6. yup, hopefully there will come something new soon. Here is something I did with the antiquing tutorital:
  7. Thx but the Rays are improveable. I may will try it again these days. Already got some ideas, to bad the Dent-plugin makes them look less realistic, but the turning of the rays make it look better than without. Edit: I've tried some stuff, here is the outcome (still improveable): Any Ideas to improve the Rays? Did it with 2-3 Zoom blured layers and different settings in Dent's plugin and an Cloudlayer with settings 'Overlay'
  8. How about this one: Crushed sun short before imploding.
  9. You have to upload it on a picupload site (tinypic.com , imageshack.us , etc.), tale the URL (http//:www.xyz.com/xyz) and and use this command, where you but the URL inside: [img*]URL[/img*] but without the *
  10. Well I tried a bit with colors and different effects. Here are my results: This was my first try and I added some colors. This doesnt look like an planet due to the mud, but because of the effect it still looks nice somehow. Here I played a bit around with colors and other effects and tried to get lava. (click on the picture for bigger size) Here I got some lava and gas pouring out. I did that with several layers and cloud effect(click on the picture for bigger size)
  11. I combinied this tut with the Antiquing one. Thats the outcome (didnt had an different motive right now)
  12. Searching after thinking would be better^^
  13. I made this Pic for a Bannercontest for a Website: I know, the Car still sucks. Next week I get a new PC and can do the screen of it with much higher Quality. Should look better than. Anway, some Tips to improve? Especially some tips for rendering would be nice (well, this one looks so bad, due to the bad quality of the original Screenshot)
  14. Yeah I got this solution right after posting. Should remember following thing: Step 1: Thinking Step 2: Posting And not the different way >.<"
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