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    ms paint, paint.net, new grounds, my space, you tube,
    girls, um sorta spors i like to swim...lol

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  1. i'm glad you like the sig its made out of an abstract piece i made a week ago the avitar is a default one for the forums i'm using until i make my own
  2. I'm glad you guys like them and i agree the second one is much better but i still enjoy the first one haha. crystallize is one of my favorite effects.
  3. this first one is a view of trees this second one is of a night sky with a full moon and trees full size links: http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/4613/treesh.png http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/1914/treesonsky.png
  4. i made one XD it have awesome him self =]
  5. im good with editing code just not making ti how do i get to the paint.net code to edit it so i can use you splash screen. i made one for magix movie editor but i could not find it on paint -_-'
  6. But theirs is a fox yeah i geose so i no i spelled it wrong XD hey is there any way i could change the splash screen?
  7. love the boot screen but not sure i like the monkey icon idea its not realy like a paint.net feels its kinda like a GIMP icon "noc off"
  8. You mean V3.55 or V35.5? Wow, V35.5? How old would rick have to be to release that? (Old enough for a zimmer frame perhaps?!) No offence or anything... Please don't ban me! I didn't mean it - it was the llamas! oops lol v3.35
  9. ...you cry wen you lost paint.net some how and cant find it or how to redownload it and its just lost and your back to ms paint ...wen people think you on pills couse you just got paint.net back wen v35.5 came out and it let you download and it worked XD true story i dont know what happend but i went like 3 mths no pdn i was using photoshop it was haribble. ...oh oh oh i know wen you know that paint.net is better than photoshop =]
  10. thank you for making this grid i downloaded it a while back like last year i think and its my most used effected besides blur thank you very much for making this!!!!
  11. hey every one i made a pdn icon for you personal computers ^_^ and thought i should post it here, the download link is on deviantart http://gunezzue.deviantart.com/art/Pain ... n-99176148 preview icon:
  12. i cant get it back i lost the program like it was on my XP comp but can get v2 to put on here... :?
  13. :oops: hay i lost paint.net v.2 how can i get it so i can download paint.net v.3? it just say there was a fatle error every time i try to download it...
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