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  1. I can't find my draw with custom brush tool...
  2. I can't find my draw with custom brush tool...
  3. How can I get gradients on text without tearing up the image?
  4. I can barely do it. What's the Gradient bar and Paneling settings? I have a differint version. :?
  5. iSee

    Kiosk Orbs!

    For some reason my circle was black when I Erased the selection on 6.2.
  6. They are taking forever to load. I've placed them where there supposed to go(C:\Program Files\Paint.Net\Effects), but they don't show up in the program. :? what do I do? I am getting sick and tried of NONE of these plug-ins working.
  7. This is just a random banner: See the scalelines in the background? @MR: I tried that. The plug in doesn't work for me.
  8. No, scalelines. They look like this:/ / / / / / / / / /
  9. Are there any Plug-in scalelines, like photoshop has? Thanks.
  10. I'm currently trying to get the Diagnol Lines plug in. But, for some reason, it won't work. I've moved everything to C:>>Program Files>>Paint.Net>>Effects, and every time I try opening it up, it always says "The image type is not recognized". What image type? I thought it was a plug in. It does this all the time I try opening it from there. And when I open Paint.NET, That effect should be under Effects>>Render. But it's not there. And yes, the dll. is there in the Effects(not Paint.Net, the Plug in files). It works for everyone else. Can someone tell me what's wrong? Do I need the source in there too?
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