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  1. I think the text should be sketchyer or mabye have some lines form the background overlap it. Other than that i like it.
  2. I like it! 8.3/10 something missing from it though i like the simplicity of it but i think mabye you should add something like more dark sqares.
  3. Thanks, i think i will try and add to it. Mabye even try and make a bottom to the pool.
  4. ok first ill address the sig above me..Very good job PoisedMaverick, i realy like the background. The text however should be a little more noticeable and as for the...thing in the middle the red eyes should be changed (imo) or if you dont change that, put some more yellow in to make the bit thats there less...isolated?..i dunno if any of that helped cuz im still slightly noobish. anyway to zizoz now i think the water looks great but imo you took a little to much away from the highlights, i looked back at your earlyer one and i almost like it more somehow, anyways i decided to spend a couple mins trying to make water in pool, turned out better then i thought it would but it still is slightly pathetic (expesialy the grass), i was to lazy to go find that awsome grass turotial. Anyway what i was realy here for is my sig i cant seem to think of anything to improve the text soooo mabye some ideas would be nice.
  5. Ok heres my attempt at it, i used a picture of my sis jumping on a trampoline and..it took a lot longer then expected mabye 2 hours :oops: Painting in bettween the hair messed me up, i started useing one method then tried a different one..but eventualy it turned out ok.
  6. Wow i love your work, you are definatly my hero. My goal as pdn user is to become as good as you. And i was looking through your comments and not a single bad comment, that i could see anyway. Do you ever have anyone saying" wow that picture sucks"? oh and another question does all this praise ever make u have an ego? or does it just make you want to do better? ok nvm ill shut up now. Im gonna try and make something like ur Latest WIP: Leopard Mech.
  7. ok i did lower the opacity a bit, but kept the text the same size, i put it to overlay as well. originaly i used the glass text tutorial.. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=20691&hilit=glass+text Then i used the nice text effect tutorial, viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2887 for the blur, but the first effect isnt isnt rly noticeable. Mabye I should move it to a different corner? tell me what u think. edited sig:
  8. I had a comment that my current sig had a wierd looking dark blue patch in the sky, and the text isnt very good, so i tryed fixing it, by playing around with the contrast and brightness, but it didnt work out to great (IMO). Anyone have any ideas on how to make it better? the original is my current sig (below).
  9. Mike Ryan: very good sig 8.5/10 I like the little dips you take out of your sig and make transparent, good idea.
  10. 8/10 The white glare in the corner looks a bit odd, just my opinoun though. Other then that i like it, great border
  11. Thanks for the input, I'll try out your suggestion and see how it looks
  12. Ok I've been working on my very first sig for a couple of days and I need some help on how to make it look better, specificly I think the text needs some work..not sure what to change it to though, or mabye i should move it, I'm not sure. Im open to all suggestions though.
  13. I tried what Ash suggested and it worked perfectly, thanks for the help. I just didnt relize that the secondary colour was used as well.
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