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  1. welshblue

    Wood 101 (Community Tutorial)

    I've often thought this wood be a good idea (just too lazy myself) We'll have to roll out the barrel mate πŸ˜‰
  2. There's also a few Mirror plugins Plugin Index
  3. One way I do it is to use Layers >>> Rotate/ Zoom as a workaround - not always ideal as sometimes you've got to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to fine tune it into place, but I figure if I want it, a couple of seconds extra is no biggie
  4. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Don't worry about it @Pixey ... in fact anyone Unfortunately the bon bon went to the great recycle bin in the sky as I had a desktop purge at 4 a.m. ... you've got to do something to while away the hours when your wife has kicked you out of bed for drowning her in night sweats again. Apparently HRT treatment will help ... but some would say I'm a big enough old woman as it is 🀨 Strangely my GP won't prescribe it ...
  5. welshblue

    May I ask something pls?

    Unfortunately PDN can't do that, but there is Irfanview which can do it https://www.irfanview.com/ How To
  6. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Me neither πŸ€” I only flattened to check something - then went to the door for my monthly chat with the Jehovah Witnesses Sat back down 20 minutes later and for some reason clicked Don't Save Perhaps possibly inexplicably something somewhere didn't like my reasoning over religion <cue X Files Music > No big deal. If I've time I'll try and recreate it
  7. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Thanks mate. The case isn't that difficult ... I'll send you a pointer πŸ˜‰ I'm not bothered that my entry isn't allowed, it's more the point of the brief/ criteria for this and future OOTFs I'm querying, so that people can know where they stand Losing an hour of my life isn't worth getting stressed about, when there's far worse going on out there for others right now A disqualified competition entry with no monetary value v a child going through hell for example ... I'd have to be pretty shallow ...
  8. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I think more clarity/ transparency is needed when outlining the OOTF theme. The criteria states a single chocolate bon bon . Chocolate bon bons very often come with the casing as in their nature they're usually delicate things. A single whole bon bon doesn't outline it one way or another IMO It's a bit unfair when people spend the time and effort to enter the comps to move the goalposts slightly a week into the competition There's been other OOTFs when some entries haven't really met the specs' ... but allowed. Surely it's got to be a level playing field across the board at all times ? Just my 2 pence as surely we want people to enter, not put them off if their entry is 'disqual'ed' ?
  9. welshblue

    G'MIC (2-18-2019)

    I've just updated using null54's latest release and Stylize is still under Artistic
  10. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    Ah Kid Creole ... one of the last bands before the 80's started going downhill music wise for me ... as in a lot of production over music A change of pace ...
  11. Tried to rescue it the best I can ...
  12. welshblue

    ~ WelshBlue ~G'MIC Hope Springs Eternal~ 13/02/2019

    Thank you @Seerose ... bright and cheerful is always a shock to my system 😁 Maybe that's why I never think they look right ? Thanks for the rep' point @lifeday
  13. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I know. Somehow I've made a profiterole on another effort πŸ€” A tip for drizzles - a bit of trial and error but Polar Inversion can do the trick