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  1. Adapted This ... if it doesn't count, give me a shout
  2. There's plenty of time. It's good theme.
  3. My apologies @Seerose ... I forgot to say to De-Select (Ctrl +D) the newly pasted layer, before Flipping Horizontal Amended in the original, will update the PDF
  4. Updated with PDF's. I split it into 2 PDF's. One for the Page itself. One for the added crease I also kept the PDF of the original ... seems totally disrespectful to get rid when @Woodsy gave his time to do it
  5. Happy Birthday @xod ... have a good one πŸŽ‚
  6. Hey @Scooter ... good to see you back mate. I've always thought it was a certain type of person who 'got me' ... usually those who live in rooms with rubber walls and wear clothes that buckle up at the back 😜 My family's reaction is usually ... Wife " You're twisted" Son " You're weird" Daughter " You really are a wrong 'un" Back on topic - I am really struggling to make a decent Father Christmas
  7. It definitely helps to speed things up on a few techniques. (post image is down so I can't post a result) Possibly tell people where to find it ? I checked all sub menus before looking at the source code and realising it was in Adjustments
  8. Oh my gawd ... I'm being manipulated by a piece of code playing mind games <cue dramatic music > I was right. Never trust people who can make something 'real' out of lines of numbers, letters and symbols ⚠️
  9. Laughter is the best medicine πŸ˜‰ I take so many pills every day but the one I rely on to get through, is my humour ... even if it is questionable, bordering on objectionable at times. Got to laugh at all the bad things in life/ the world ... best way to cope with them ?
  10. That got rid of the weird screenshot 'ghost' (best way to describe what happens) after clicking OK on Alpha Mask ... but then I couldn't post the screenshot in a new image. Which I guess makes perfect sense All beyond me too Red' ... and also way over my head I'm beginning to doubt myself now ... surely with the tutorials I've written I'd have noticed this before. Surely ? Wouldn't I ? Did I ? I really don't know anymore
  11. Thank you thank you Welshblue,

    an excellent Tutorial and Text idea.


    Looking forward to experimenting with it😊


    Kindest wishes

    Roger the Dodger

    1. welshblue


      No problem mate.Β  Have funΒ πŸ˜‰



  12. After I said it, I was trying to work out if 11,000 miles was enough of a head start ... 😐 πŸ˜ƒ
  13. @Seerose ... three lovely images. The peacock one for it's shimmer, great pattern choice ... but the snake one WOW - the glow on the shadow is fantastic @lynxster4 ... again 2 lovely images. Love the pattern on the first and great job of getting the fluffiness on the lynx. That is very visually appealing @Pixey ... third times a charm ... lovely. Great pattern, reminds me of a cat around here. Most beautiful cat I've ever seen ... and she knows it the way she struts πŸ˜‰ @HyReZ ... seems weird saying lovely to a man ... great font choice for the texture, it really 'fits' it. Always great to see how people run with a tutorial. Own spins on it etc ( A couple would be interesting to see if the Directional Lighting was increased slightly) Thanks for the πŸ‘ @MJW ... this only happened because of you It also works on silhouettes/ shapes *** Updated the PDF link to make it easier to download. Thanks for the heads up EER
  14. I've found it doesn't do a clean cut out anymore if you use a black mask by itself, or sometimes if you add the black mask to a white background, but if you use BoltBait's Switch Alpha to Gray on the mask layer it's always OK I don't know when this pasting the clipboard to the canvas when pressing print screen started, but having done it multiple times in the past, it definitely didn't happen in previous versions. It's no biggie as you just paste the screen shot into a new image ... go back to the original, click undo and start the mask again