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  1. I know the FAQ says that you won't ever be porting PDN to other platforms, but Novell released an add-in for Visual Studio that makes it really easy to port and test right inside VS. Read story If you don't want to put the work of debugging it on other platforms, can the source be made available to a third party to compile? I switched from Windows to Linux and the only program I miss is Paint.NET. The paint-mono project is way too buggy to be useful and GIMP doesn't have a very navigable interface. Thanks
  2. Very nice! This was all in PDN? Even if not, they're great visuals I liked the heart globe and cupcake one 8)
  3. Thanks for the compliments The reflect below the car was already there in the source image, I didn't make it :oops: I only added the rainbow gradient and touched up the pic a little
  4. Hi, I've used Paint.NET for a while but haven't really put it to the test. Lately I've been messing around with the effects to see what I could do. I'll post what I make here. Wurbo orb Wurbo signature [tutorial] Rainbow car [source] What do you think? These are my first posted images
  5. Nice tutorial! This is my latest attempt at it (I sucked the last time I dug up PDN), what do you think? Btw, I use Paint.NET for all the graphics on Wurbo.
  6. I used the search and the only thing that came up was making it go around a ball , but it messed up the text. Also, the download link is down :shock: Oh well.. no rush.
  7. How do I make text go in a circle, like on the CIA Logo?
  8. Man, your pictures are awesome! Duality looks awesome, and so does the wiki concept. I also like your 3d text I wish I knew how to do your text effects :shock:
  9. thanks i've been around the forums before, but i can't seem to remember my login/pass. never posted much beforehand anyway
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