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  1. 7.5/10, not a lot going on there. i like the text though, maybe some texture in the background would help oh and i love the border, burnt edges really help make it look aged.
  2. i think the light on the top right kind of draws attention away from the rest of the sig, i would either dim it down a bit or get rid of it. other than that i really like your sig, very "dark" 8.8/10. (was meant for zehro but im too damn slow,lol) ok i think this is the last of the tinkering, anymore and ill just delete and start on a new one,lol
  3. very nice! i like the color choice, and how you picked different colors from your avi, they go well together 9.5/10 tinkered a bit more with mine, added my name and made an avi to go with it
  4. far out!! 8/10....yes i said "far out", i think it was called for lol here is my second attempt at a sig. i wasnt happy with the first one
  5. Thanks for the kind words, i just tinkered with it a bit more, i think it came out better than before, love your sig as well and i can only hope i am able to get even remotely close to the quality of work i see here. only time will tell. You get my 10 as well
  6. im not sure what to call this,lol, i was just toying with effects and this is what i ended up with.....yes im new at this,lol
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