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  1. Be glad to display the finished product...out of courtesy, I'd like to acquire consent of the individuals pictured as previous year champions. I don't forsee any issues with that. I would be interested in some constructive feedback though. It is a project of simplicity, and relative quick assembly...if time permits, I may post an image pf the project up to the point of champions image layers. As a note...I typically involve myself in an app with minimal reading to gauge the UI intuitiveness. Once I run into a block of sorts, I'll research. May sound a bit backwards, but it's how I judge whether or not I keep the app close at hand for future use. I will keep Paint.net. I did find the info I was looking for this morning, and I appreciate those who responded with assistance and questions as to my methods of duping/importing. The answer is I hadn't read enough yet and regret including the question in my original complimentary post. It does show the willingness to assist of your forum members to what was probably considered a newb question! Look for an image link soon...
  2. Yes, for example...layer 1 is a logo. It is currently imported and is located in the lower right corner. To move it to the lower left is where the question originates. I could duplicate layer>position it correctly as layer 2> delete layer 1. Is there a quicker/method that I have missed? Thanks for the welcome and quick reply.
  3. I have found your forums to be very informative and full of highly skilled contributors willing to assist others. Well organized and well run forum. Hats off to you all. Recently a senior staff member at my company asked me to create a poster for an upcoming event. I have tinkered with Paint.net in the past for use in my personal DVD projects using Microsoft's Movie Maker. This company project required further use of tools/features with Paint.net including the addition of some plugins. I found the information quickly and have nearly completed the project 2 weeks in advance. The project only consists of about 20 layers and is relatively simplistic in nature. I do have an inquiry regarding final layout composition of layers. Can you point me to a thread or tutorial I may review? I currently am using an Layer>import method, but am interested in editing the many layers position in the project, (not the layers position) but where on the proposed poster the layers image is located. A couple of quick searches and a review of FAQ did not result in the info I'm looking for. Just a search terminology refinement is necessary. No worries if you are too busy, as I'm sure I'll quickly locate it. The inquiry is not the purpose of the post. Paint.net is an awesome application and the plugin availability your developers have added are excellent. Considering the forums and the app combined...I'll be keeping this app in the top shelf of my toolbox! Keep up the fine work! If I can assist with info, let me know... Rich
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