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  1. How could you be addicted to the forum without posting here first? You could GET addicted from your first post, but if you don't have an account in the first place, it's like saying you're addicted to looking at cigarette boxes... -You refute someone's reply in this thread. You could be reading the interesting posts. You don't need to be registered to do that...
  2. Correct When Paint.NET runs out of numbers and does this: (note the file size!)
  3. 8/10 I find it a bit too dark. Other wise you could have got the other 2.
  4. By RS you do mean RapidShare right? It makes me happy when I find something in the overflow that lets me increase my post count .
  5. As you wish... 9/10 As for your actual sig, also 9/10 Wait, why do I keep posting below you all the time. Maybe you just pick the interesting ones..........................
  6. That would be nice, after all this is my most used tut in PDN.
  7. Thanks, downloading now. I always use MS Paint for this feature but now PDN has it. Wohoo! Edit: Or I could have been accurate with my lines in PDN.
  8. That one was cool. Was it supposed to be a subway, or did it just turn out like that?
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