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  1. I can't find the conditional hue!!! D: do u place it in effects or the other file!! D:
  2. 9/10 I Love Your Sig Champjev, really wish i can do somthing like that when i get better at PDN IF, InkFlare
  3. Kuri105 i used to play under the nick of C K Rune1 and was lvl30, with almost rune mining and stuff, but stopped and gave it to a friend, I need some help lvling up so... yeah add me Anyway, WoW is expensive, just buy GW [Guildwars] for £15 without any monthly fees and get more fun out of your GP! lollollollollollollollollollollol Xd Bad Pun Inlcuded! IF, InkFlare
  4. Wow this'll make my sig making a whole lot eaisier, Simply Awesomegreatfantastic
  5. Its Great, Easier To Make Green Fire And To Adjust The Roughness Of The Flame Goodjob
  6. I've only just joined the forums and havegone through a couple of tuts and made some sigs and one avatar which s my current, here the are: And Here are some i have done peviously without tuts: There not that good.
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