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  1. SIG is actually an abreviation for Signature In Gyourpost (silent "g"). WHY!?
  2. Because I punched in the face (joking). Because, according to the laws of physics, HATS MUST BE CROOKED! GAH! Can I have a cookie?
  3. I posted that in General Discussions and Questions...ISN'T IT AMAZING? lol, I know, it isn't, it's just a line to seperate the header from the body in a website I'm making for a friend.
  4. Not sure if it's WinZip doing this for you, but... If you run on Windows, if you just right click a zipped file, and hit Extract, it'll unzip for you.
  5. So, just select the part I want gradiented and deselect? And it'll let me do it multiple times per layer? I will try that soon, but I achieved what I needed to via copy and paste: Thank you very much, because I will definetly use that technique.
  6. I'm making a picture that looks like this currently: What I did, was do a Linear (Reflected) Gradient from top to bottom, then, on a layer above that one, do the same gradient, but sideways, then make the layer opacity 100. Now, I want to have three of these gradients on this line image, but you can only do one gradient per layer. If I go up a layer, I ahve to make that semi transparent as well, but that just makes the layer two below really hard to see, and ruins the image. Is there any ways I can get three gradients on one layer? I'm going to try to copy and paste the gradient, but there must be a better way than that. Thanks in advance!
  7. That's no problem. But that'll help me tons with centering text onto page buttons for websites!
  8. Yes, I figured it out at the time I edited my previous post, but thanks anyways. That's exactly how it should've been explained.
  9. So, now, I'm going to try to figure out how to make a transparent background. Do you mean, a gif or something? OMG, I am so stupid. I figured it out. And it was something I alrady knew how to do. Sorry for being so stupid about this.
  10. ttp://theboard4all.7.forumer.com Hmm. Mah old forum. Lol.
  11. Definetly not an elephant, I can tell you. Why is a * an asterik, and not a star?
  12. WTF? Well, I know what it is, it's a frame from an animation I made on paper with marker, but still. And it was on aol video. I use YouTube...?
  13. So basically, I need to set the layers opacity to 0? If I do that, I can't even see the text. Man, I suck at this. I'm going to keep trying until you reply.
  14. Ah. Well, i ahve no green screen, or blue screen. Although, I have tried it on WMM before (not for image purposes, for video), and my camera is just not good enough for it.
  15. I'm really sorry if I sound stupid, but I wanna get this figured out. I honestly can't figure out how to align anything. I tried selecting what I wanna center, then centering it, didn't work. And honestly, that's all I can think of to do. Could someone please explain to me?
  16. I might try, for my next clip, a scene of all me's walking along, maybe around 5 or 7 of me. I will try over lapping soon. Also, is there a thread on here that explains chroma keying and what it is/does and how it is done? Thanks for the compliments, too!
  17. Wow. I am the ONLY Safari user. And I don't even own a Mac. Lol. I ahve to say, Safari really just LOOKS the best. It makes ALL text look better compared to everything else. ESPECIALLY ARIAL. ZOMG, arial looks GREAT in Safari. I would probably use Firefox if it didn't have viruses or somehting of the sort.
  18. Sorry for putting it in the wrong forum. Really, I am. I go on forums A LOT, just not this one. Anyways, I will download the new plugins/Ed Harvey pack. Thanks. EDIT: Downloaded the new Ed Harvey pack. That's what I suspected was the problem, but I wasn't sure. Shows how little I know .
  19. First, I actually DO use the cameras remote. Look in each of my hands in ALL the pictures. You can see the light. And yes, I agree, artificial light IS better. I also realized that my carpet isn't the best place to be doing this. It doesn't stay the same color. I will use my hardwood floor next time, most likely. Also, thank you very much for the compliments and the tips. I'm only a beginner at image editing (which I only do for the ske of the websites I make), and that IS the best I can do. All I ever do for logos is request one, or just use text and borders. Kinda cheesy, but it works.
  20. I'm no crazy image editor...or whatever you call yourselves. But I was playing around, and I made a couple of cool images. As you can tell (probably), this was my first try, and it kinda sucks. This one worked much better. I think this one was the best, because of how close they are, and how flawless it looks (unless you look really close, or LOOK for errors). This one was more or less just to see how close I could get together. Like them or hate them, I'd like some replies. Critisism, compliments, whatever. I'm gunna make more of these over time, and post them here.
  21. I've noticed with this new version that some of my effects are not working. Filtered Black and White Color Filter Color Tint Single Hue Vitrious White Balance Drop Ripple Polar Inversion Plus Is it just my version, or is anybody else experiencing these problems? I'd really apreciate someone telling me how to fix this (is there some sort of plug in I need or something?). I can confirm these WERE working before the upgrade. So, is this version unfinished? Also, sorry if I just kinda came out of the blue with this on my first post, but I use those color effects a lot, and would like them fixed.
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