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  1. Polar inversion is one of my favourites, Specially when you have bright colours. I made a picture of a friend made better, cut her out and put it on a background, (polar inversion) and that was fun, i will try a bit of pixel art.
  2. This is my gallery. i like abstract, but i do otherse if i am interested, try to give me good feedback and tips, and tools you think i could use. Just a signature Avatars I was testing out some new tools see through 21/4/08
  3. we must be twins, neither can i. i still see the woman.
  4. my first signature. PS. my first not as great as others but very nice for me, suits my style.
  5. i played runescape for nearly 2 years, i was addicted and my friends at the time were also addicts. I myself didn't get up early to play becasue i couldn't, i needed all the sleep i could get becasue i stayed up all night paying it. i was the bes in the school and whatnot, by 20 levels or something. i was level 84. In a clan and obsessed. i gave up becasue my friends quit and they bagged me for it. i came back for the holiday events but thats it. i logged on and checked out some of the new features. I played again and rejoined my clan. over the last 2 weeks i have not played as much and lost interest. i should be quitting my clan anytime soon, or i will be kicked out.
  6. Hey guys. This is my first post on these forums. so i thought it would be good if i was to show off a peice of my work. ^^^ ^^^ I am very happy with that. My steps on how to make it. 1. once you have a new canvas open you can start getting some of your favourite coulers at the ready. I used red first. Get a fairly thick paint brush and start doing swirls at your hearts desire, go through the middle a few times. 2. Go to Effects>Distort>Swirl and set it over the middle of the circle. Repeat steps 1 and 2 if you like, i did it twice. 3. make a new layer and select a colour the same as one of the swirls, select a gradient of your choice and fill just under half the page. set tranceperancy to your liking and repeat with another colour. now just merge them and you can go on from there.
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