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  1. LFC4EVER: that planet is amazing! nice job on the lighting, and the nebulous cloud in the background! The only thing I would do would be to make the comets go in different directions!
  2. A really nice tutorial! wonderful introduction to how shape 3D works. My two attempts: for the bottom one I tried to imitate the hazardous waste symbol.
  3. Yes! I wanted to see it even bigger than on the gallery page! Edit: looks amazing!
  4. :shock: I said "wow" out loud when I saw it- looks so dramatic, with the intense colors through the bubble. The ripple looks even nicer at this size!
  5. I like the backdrop it's on-looks like polished metal, especially like the dots. That would make a neat tabletop!
  6. Thanks! that last one appears to be the most well liked of the four! I also like your signature, has great contrast!
  7. Nice concept- I especially like the idea of a bootable version of Paint.net! On the topic of looks, I also like the taskbar, and the way you blended the letters, though I would suggest a slightly different background, possibly one that draws the eye more towards the logo. I like it!
  8. Thank you! the bottom is my personal favorite, too. I really like your sig, the bubble and the ripples work so well with the rest of the picture.
  9. Thank you! I really like your current one, particularly the glow across the face of the planet.
  10. Nice piece! I think the lighting goes well with the rest of the piece, though I think it is a bit grainy, so you might want to turn the compression down when you save. (if this is the case)
  11. All of your work is beautiful. I liked one of your wallpapers (PI+) so much that it's now my desktop, and I had trouble deciding whether or not to keep PI+ as my desktop or use industrialize instead. I particularly like the cleanness of your pieces.
  12. I have accumulated a few signatures that I couldn't share until I registered! I like the ones at the bottom most.
  13. Thank you all, and I agree that Pyjo's arm is very good indeed. I particularly like the blending between upper arm and forearm.
  14. ZizOiz

    Oma's gallery

    I really like the background lighting on your ballerina, and your water picture looks so realistic!
  15. my first post! I have been playing with Paint.net for a bit now, but just joined the forums last night.