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  1. Dying in Your Arms by Trivium. My friend's girlfriend's iPod had it, so I took a look at it and it's pretty good.
  2. Have you noticed Frier Fox has a W on the fries box, not an M? Nicely done, the animal fur looks prety cool. How was #15 made with curves? It looks more like the colors were just inverted.
  3. I like both, but I'm more used to IE7 than Firefox. One thing IE has that Firefox doesn't is the "Use Open Tabs Next Time" feature. I really like saving sessions with having to use the "Save All Tabs" feature, and it's easier in Internet Explorer.
  4. Microsoft, believe it or not. Snowboarding or skiing?
  5. This is off-topic enough. Livewrong811 told me to... Hello everyone, I'm new here. :shock: My laptop uses Vista, which I was unsuccessful in changing. Darn it, Microsoft. Um... I like computers... and... I can beat up this kid who thinks he's so much better than me... and... I already made a topic, which livewrong says is bad. I'm scared now. But if you didn't like that, which livewrong doesn't , here's one from him! Too bad for him, he forgot to start the pointless introductory post like so: [pointless introductory post].
  6. This is a game I played on another forum, and since I see my nieghbor (livewrong811), living somewhere over there >>> took my idea (*cough*), I made this thread. Simple really, search up your username on Google images and post the image that comes up. Post the FIRST image that turns up, unless it has something inappropriate. Shall I start? I know, it scares me too.
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