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  1. Counter Strike : Source My friend asked what game i was on
  2. Oh,Thanks BoltBait,Didn't Know About That Thread :oops:
  3. Well,My Effects Tab Looks A Mess,theres A load of plugins not in folders,is there any way i can move it around And ive seen that plugin manager,but he says that hes lst all the coding,so.........thats it
  4. Heres All Of my images,Watch out though,theyre rubbish Image Number one:I made it in like 20 mins,got the ship off the web,one piece of help though,how Can i make my sun look better?
  5. Meh Not THAT good,but i pretty much like it heres the starter pic: heres my "bubble" effect:
  6. Thank You Again,Mods you can close this now
  7. Well,i was going to put a plugin in the effects folder,i went to the paint.net folder,all there is is the application icon,please help
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