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  1. Well yeah. I know. I love PDN I really do. But you can't use it's freeness as an excuse for not having this, fairly basic, feature. Really. GIMP used to have it - but removed it - (or something?!?!) But anyway we all know how much fun GIMP is to use. Yeah a batch resize isn't a bad suggestion but we also suggest programs for our clients to use for cropping their own pics and it'd be nice to suggest PDN (which we do already) safe in the knowledge that's this is the easiest it possibly can be.
  2. "The nearest I can get is to crop with a fixed aspect ratio and then resize." My apologies, I've been editing after I posted. (Trying to clarify!) It sounds overly picky, but really is one step too many. Remember I've can have over 1000 pictures to do like this!
  3. No. This is my point - the two processes are separate, and even then aren't as flexible. I'm familiar with both processes. I have 300 images at various aspect ratios and dimensions. I want 300 images at 700 x 500. I want to grab the interesting part of the photo. This isn't always in the centre, top left or whatever. It might be a small part, it might take up the whole width. This is why the 'magic' link won't help me either. The part I want to crop to might not have the dimensions 700x500. The nearest I can get is to crop with a fixed aspect ratio and then resize. In PS I must drag
  4. I know this has been raised a number of times but it's so important to me I do feel it's worth raising again. I work for a web design company and need to resize the images supplied by the client (all shapes and sizes) to certain dimensions (for instance all 'Event' images on this particular site need to be 700px x 500px). I sometimes have to work on hundreds of images and it requires a little bit of an artistic eye so can't be done with batch processes. It pains me to say it but as it stands PS wins hands down and it's a dealbreaker for PDN. I specify the dimensions of my final image (700x50
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