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  1. Hey thanks for the response, I tried installing the .NET Framework about a month or so back, which helped a few other problems but didn't help PDN, which I was sure it would help, thanks though it's much appreciated but the problem persists still. I'll reinstall it now and give it a go, will tell you how it went. EDIT: No, the problem still occurs, thanks though
  2. Hi, I've been using PDN for years now and a few months ago, I had an OS crash, so to save me time and effort backing up everything and reinstalling the OS, I just installed the OS again, nice and new and drag'n'dropped my USER folder straight over to my new OS, granted it caused a few issues but hey, most, if not all of them are gone now (albeit I'm having issues with PDN). Below is an image of what occurs each time I attempt to reinstall. Here's a copy/paste of exactly what it says: I am running a Windows 7 x64 Laptop attempting to install PDN v3.5.8 if that info helps at all. I have googled and searched the forums however I haven't been able to find a fix for this, would be eternally grateful if someone could please shed some light onto this error and how I may be able to fix it, I'm happy to give you as much info as I possibly can, thank you.
  3. But then it's Un-Original, and hasn't got 100% original materials I'm complicated... I know ^_^
  4. This/these is/are my attempt/s... though I didn't use mud, I used a scrunched up paper ball Seeing as I used a scrunched up ball of paper, I guess I should REALLY try it with mud, I will probably find some dried mud/sand somewhere, the beach has good dried up sand, and the garden probably has some good mud lol. Good tutorial, keep up the good work.
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