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  1. Can Someone help me with methods on how to change hair colour/ sections of hair using paint.net ? thanks
  2. Ahh .. Okay thanks .. i just wondered what it was all about so thanks
  3. I dont know what happened but then this appeared on my desktop . Application version: Paint.NET v3.30 (Final Release build 3.30.3020.1408) Time of crash: 21/04/2008 21:08:10 Application uptime: 00:19:20.7089130 OS Version: 6.0.6000.0 Workstation x86 .NET Framework version: 2.0.50727.312 x86 Processor: 2x "IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz" @ ~2669MHz (SSE, SSE2, SSE3) Physical memory: 2046 MB UI DPI: 96.00 dpi (1.00x scale) Tablet PC: no Updates: true, 20/04/2008 Locale: pdnr.c: en-US, hklm: en-US, hkcu: n/a, cc: en-GB, cuic: en-US Features log: UpdatesState(StartupState),
  4. LAst time i got told it was too small , haha TPBM rate TPAM
  5. Here are my attempts, The second one hurts my eyes but i was just experimenting.
  6. Nice gallery, i really like the first one, how did you do that ? Did you follow a tutorial ?
  7. @livewrong811 thats really good im going to play around with that, but at the moment im really struggling to even select the bird, what tolerance did you use ?
  8. jake2k its quite cool, but it reminds me of something like "2k7" or "2k8" which reminds me of chavs *scream* hehe its cool though so 7/10
  9. Heres My Best, Still not "Good" but its my best.
  10. This is one of my first abstract arts and i was quite pleased with it, let me know what you think of it.
  11. I use Firefox. I used to use IE7 but i prefer firefox a lot more.
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