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  1. ^Belongs in an insane asylum. v Is out of school for the summer.
  2. Two days ago, this forum had Firefox fever. Proves not many people use IE here that actually use the forum. Any IE people wanna come out and play?? Wait aren't we getting a bit off-topic?
  3. Thank you!!! When you create a band solely for making songs about Paint.NET
  4. ObjectDock is a HORRIBLE excuse for a dock emulator. It is bug infested and comes with a clause, just like most other StarDock programs. I suggest you never use any of their programs. Anyway my Desktop. My Wallpaper
  5. Rants: The forum is always down at least once daily these days. Cairo Shell Pack wont be out for another week, and by then I'll be at overnight camp. My sister is getting all the attention and she only graduated from 8th grade, even though I will be next year. I can't make a good thread idea that hasn't been used before. I didn't get invited to any parties for this summer.(Another 3 months on the forum I guess :evil:) I don't have any ways to get WirelessPhiladelphia except to ask my sister for money. All in all, quite sad. Edit: WP is going become free sometime.
  6. While I was in school, Firefox 3.0 was dropped. Since the forum seems like a flurry of orange and blue, i decided to make an official Firefox thread. So, what do you love about Firefox. Me? I like that their betas are so good. I've been using betas of 3.0 since March.
  7. How do you actually install linux? I tried before but it didn't know what to do.
  8. Lying is the Most Fun- Panic at the Disco Knights of Cydonia- Muse Just look at the album cover for the cd this song is on, kinda creepy.
  9. By the way,that song is by Colbie O'Donis My fan blades moving.
  10. Oh well, i guess its just me and iKid now.
  11. Rant: I wish my little brother hadn't swallowed that nickel today, and not therefore have had to go to the E.R.
  12. I love your style- I'll be your twin. Thats what you told me :? WE COULD BE TRIPLETS!!!!!!
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