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  1. It took me a min to figure out what you were trying to say but I got it. Sorry about the caps (subject line right?) but I happen to work in the Admin field in the Military and we always use caps for subject lines. It is something that our manuals say is mandatory for us to do for all letter writing and emails. Sorry again and I will try my best to remember that on this site. Also, thank you for the assistance. JS92, thanks to you for your assistance also. Great tut!
  2. Hello, new to the board and need a little help. I searched for this but did not find the answer but might be searching the wrong thing. I want to have a background photo and want to merge smaller photos on top of it like a collage. The problem that I am having is how to smooth and blend the edges of the smaller photos so they are not hard crisp edges. Any help on how to do this or the link to the how to would be great. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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