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  1. Plugins are downloaded by thousands of users. I'm simply not going to track a huge list of downloaders in order to tell them to update. Sorry.

    Well I'm not saying that at all that would be crazy I know..I look for the updates for some of the effects..So I know....But have a page on here just for the person that made the update..with no comments to be made to that page...with a email address to the person that made the effect So we don't have to wait here to get a reply are a lot of people jumping in saying look what I did with it...are try this and that person has no idea what he's even talking about and making the post to the effect longer and page after page to get to the point he's trying to make because others are jumping in asking other questions..thats all. I know a lot of yall are here to help and thats great but me being a newbie...most of us don't know that,

    I'm the type of person if you made it I want you talk to that person go right to the one that made it..and maybe this way being able to contact that person by email on a one on one could set a time to fix the problem...but for one make it faster and not loading down the forum with junk...hunting for a reply and posting one day then two days later getting a reply then comment then when he feels like coming back here to help...he does next week..

    But really thats all I'm saying you guys been doing it this way and thats how yall like it and thats fine...but for people that don't know nothing about trying to get help...I think it would make it better...

    But what ever....just making a point thats all..no harm...no fuss..moe..

  2. Well I really like what you guys have been doing so I thought I would give it a shot and this is what I came up with hope you like it...ohhhhhhh and Paint.net Rocks...hehe me..moe...


  3. I know we all go to the plug-in forum for yall to post new plug-in effects and I have used a lot of them counting yours also..but when yall update your plug-in...Some get updates and some don't then we have to open it up and check it everytime so's to make sure we don't crash it because we forgot to remove a plug-in dll...so we can add the update..I'm thinking I'm not making since but when yall update your plug-in's why is'nt it we can't get a email saying update to bla bla...instead of checking everyone to make sure where up to date with the ones we have....with the one's that are updated ahahhahaha me..moe.

  4. Well ok, when I was in my teens I had two of the greatest friends going to Junior high we always messed around with one another and every body around us., So they started calling us Moe,larry,curry So it stuck I was always called moe going threw school and thats that..Moeshere hehe.

  5. I'm so freaking happy. I found a free printer after a man had completed his yard sale and he said everything that was left was free.. So I grabbed it, took it home and it turns out it is a Dell All In One 922 http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1652288,00.asp

    Printer, scanner & copier. We had to shave down some cords we had laying around to make them fit but it works perfectly now. I'm so exited!

    Free $130, who couldn't be?

    wow thats cool I got that same printer having trouble keeping drivers loaded for it keeps dumping them for some reason...just a warning but still a great printer and yours is better free hehe

  6. lol why the sigh you look good

    I have low self-esteem. lol. I come to PDN to boost it up. :)

    @Hlnl: Working with chemicals or something?

    Well, I'm actually posing, but I worked in the chem lab for two years, so I'm familiar with a lot of the chemicals. It's my sister's stockroom. We were bored and decided to take a few pics.

    Hey you don't need to have low self-esteem of your self like he said my daughter feels the same way at times and I tell her to keep her head up and just be who you want to be and if they don't like it hell with them your living for you not them

  7. Well to tell you the truth I really like them all, yall really are very good, so for the one above me I'm going to have to say....7/10 due to the plan part of it compared to all the rest.

    Mine is my sig so let it rip hehe

    1/10...Doesn't look like you did any of it in PDN..

    Sorry there Lego it was all done in PDN...

    Now the star ships,desert,readout are all off the web but the effects of doing it is all PDN...

    OH and DR.D great job 8/10

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