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  1. It looks like a neon sign to me. Which is cool. 8.5/10
  2. New one: I like it a lot better than your current one. Although the text is a little blurry. 8.5/10 Current: Not much to say really. 7/10
  3. @-Expiration- REALLY awesome...seriously. 10/10 @Mike Ryan: I really like it, love the shape. 9/10 Could someone please rate mine?
  4. I like the ship thing but I think the starry background could use some more work. 7.5/10
  5. @Champjev: I like yours, it's cool. 7.5/10 @Motoko21: Like yours a lot, I'm a huge bleach fan. 9.5/10 @AfroManiacJr: Very cool. 8/10 @LFC4EVER: I already rated yours:D
  6. @SpiritScout: I like it. 7/10 @Worldnewser: Awesome. 9.5/10 @LFC4EVER: I like to glare orbs. 8.5/10
  7. @Bobofthedead: 10/10 if it's pdn made, if not 8/10. I really like it. @Lutharia: Like it a lot. 8/10
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