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  1. Depends on the condition of the components and how old is the PC. And pardon me for asking; what are you exactly looking from a computer? Are you a gamer or do you mainly use the computer as picture editing?
  2. Just out of curiosity - what kind of skin are you looking for? Human, animal, 'alien'? As far as I know, there isn't a tutorial for making skin, but I could be wrong.
  3. Darn, I wanted to post first, but the forums were going down. I was swearing and blaming my 'Internetz'. At least I saved the post in my notepad .. >_>
  4. You should try Everest. I think the home edition is free. It's for seeing all the details about your computer in one window, basically. It shows the temperatures of different components; such as the GPU, CPU and the motherboard. It names all the details about them and many more. The only thing I haven't found yet is my PSU. I so need to know it as I'm not in the mood to ram it open with screwdrivers. I'm looking for a new GPU, so I need to know if my PSU can handle it. I love being underage. I can manipulate my parents with my grades. I'm so glad I'm not a 'bad' student.
  5. Well, I hope you mean 'how could you have a single storage folder for your PDN creations', am I right? Well, whenever you save your work you have the opportunity to select the place where you'd like to store it. I guess you'd like to store your work in a single place among your other work. Well, with Windows usually comes a folder 'My Art' so I'd suggest you use that or manually create a folder somewhere. Whenever you want to save again you should just select the folder you made. Or do you want PDN to select the folder automatically whenever you save? I'm not sure if it's the answer your looking for but please notify if otherwise.
  6. Sorry mate, it's probably the most inappropriate board to post requests since this is for personal galleries and other exhibitions. Your best bet would be to try at 'General Discussion & Questions' board since your topic will most likely get locked here. Welcome to PDN & good luck! :wink:
  7. You became the smartest person in the first word in the alphabet - 'A' But since you're first person to ever 'literally' exist in a word, you eventually become insane because you can't bare the solitude. I wish, I wish I was a fish.
  8. Did I misunderstand or did you mean save a picture under the .pdn format? If so then I wouldn't believe you if you said it takes long to save since for me it saves it before I even manage to say 'lulwut'. :shock: As for the thread's query .. until something like this is implemented your best option would be to write down your steps as posted in another topic (of what's name I can't seem to remember).
  9. Tool - Schism E: 'David Axelrod - Holy Thursday'
  10. PDN needs to have a chat plug-in, so it opens a little window with all the people in it who are currently using PDN.
  11. I guess .. I collect wallpapers? God, I'm such a 4chan addict. I just collect great stuff off from it. Some I use as wallpapers, but others are more of an inspiration and somewhat of a motivation to me.
  12. I'm not a real fan of tennis, but I must agree - Nadal plays great. Women's tennis is great; it's quite amusing to see the women serve the ball and their skirt pops up and you can see their panties.
  13. Looks quite interesting, but I suggest you get rid of the white background.
  14. Well, I'm not sure, but re-installing might do the trick, if you have the installer that is. If not, you can always download PDN again. I'm not really sure if you can 'crate' another executable, 'doubt it. Did you check your recycle bin to see if you have emptied it?
  15. Ou mai gaawd! When we were discussing your 'lady' problems then I thought you were like 17 or something near that.
  16. Overkill


    Just one question about smudging which has really bothered me. About Silver Surfer's definition. When you smudge on a light background then you don't tend to get any visible results. I was just wondering; if you are using smudge on a light background, do you usually add the darker tone yourself? For an example, do you make a black line under the eye and smudge it to make the eye look wrinkled? The Joker face looks great, the best I've seen so far since it looks real.
  17. Wow, neat. The specs don't look bad either apart from the gfx of which I have no idea, those laptop cards are .. different.
  18. Link. Link. This is the closest result you might get for your desired effect.
  19. These are called 'brushes', these are like regular brushes, but instead of a dot, they contain a figure such as lines/curves or other structures you might see in pictures. At PDN forums you probably might find work done with brushes which are converted from Photoshop. And the answer to all of your troubles .. Click Me!
  20. I was making a new banner for my gallery and everything I made went with it. I forgot to save. DARN!! :evil:
  21. It reminds me even more of the 6 day war between Egypt and Israel... Just my 2 cents. Overkill, you can have your own opinion. I know that I'm right. 8) Quite, the opposite, Max. I don't think Georgia started it. But Georgia provoked Russia, not much, but they did. Since Georgia wasn't in NATO for the time, Russia saw a good opportunity to commence an assault. It was more of a great opportunity since most of the World was dedicated to the Olympics thus it would take time for the countries to recover from the shock while Russia had 'free hands' to bombard Georgia. Let's say that Russia is still living in his dream to repeat history and unite the 'Great Empire'. I do believe that all this fuzz started with Kosovo's independence since Russia promised to take their troops out of there, but they actually didn't. And then the jet fuzz when Russia didn't want to admit that those were their planes .. and now this. As for the opinion part, we both can't be wrong because these are 'our' opinions. One of the other ironic parts is that Russia tends to 'make up' their news and blackmail other countries.
  22. Sad to see someone let go of something as significant as PDN. Well, 'hope to see you around 'Overflow' then.
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