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  1. Yeah, you kinda cut out the piece you think fits your tag and then install it into it. Well, 'tHs' said that 'screen' layer mode is used, but I don't know. Screen doesn't look that good, at least not in my tags. :?
  2. Could you elaborate please? I'm not sure if I understand you correctly.
  3. Don't worry, we can always team up and humiliate the other players!
  4. Oh my God! My wish became true! You made a tut for your signature! I'm so going to make one after I've finished my 'tags'.
  5. Vista, is there a chance you might play MTA or SA:MP? I reinstalled San Andreas just for the kicks of it, reminds me of the old times with my clan. Well, I also wanted to practice a bit before I spread the knowledge of 'over-excessive annihilation' in 'IV.
  6. Another PDN artist who has such great potential and knows how to put it into good use. Makes life worth living to see something like this once in a while. Keep up the spectacular work! :wink:
  7. This is more difficult than regular 'signature' making since you have to make everything look great. Well, here are my attempts. This is kind of 'half undone' since I ran out of ideas what to do next. This was more of a success and I think it turned out better. I hate making backgrounds, it's so difficult. Please advise! :?
  8. Well, it really depends on how much he wants to shrink a picture and how big the picture really is. Expired is right though, increasing the resolution of a small image doesn't match, but it does work while doing it vice versa. And like Max said, the 'Sharpen' tool is another alternative.
  9. Make a new image, totally blank, with the resolution of 80x200 pixels. Then go to 'layers' and select 'import from file'. Find your images and move them side by side. When you first select the image, you should see 'knobs' at each corner of the picture, these are mainly for shrinking/increasing. Just click on the center of the image, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse around and fit the picture in the desired location. Repeat the same with the other piece. Whenever you want to move one of the pictures again, just select the layer with the picture and use the 'move selected pixels' tool ( ). 'Hope that helped.
  10. Well, your best option would be to maintain the ratio while resizing your image. When having the resizing tab open, make sure you have 'By absolute size' ticked and under that tick 'maintain aspect ratio'. By changing one of the values, be it width or height, the other gets calculated automatically according to the picture's resolution and the number you entered. Good luck.
  11. Rant: I'm obsessed with GTAIV. The anticipation is killing me and there's 3 months left till November. :? :evil:
  12. Super Purple Hippies Wandering Like Aliens. Yeah, I know I'm right. Don't try to prove me wrong. Nooo! NOOO! Stop trying!
  13. There's nothing to 'rip off'. You'd be amazed how many of them there actually are. There are dozens of those 'silhouette' themed islands/landscapes. :wink: But yours looks greater, it's simple, perfect and slick.
  14. You have great, clean work. The current and the former signature are greatly done. They look very 'slick'. Keep up the great work. Will be hoping to see more from you.
  15. I can't believe I haven't seen this topic before. I'm glad I stumbled upon some random thread which had a link in it, leading me here. I've always wondered what a tag was. I'm going to make a tag nao, lulwut!
  16. You can by using the 'Add(Union)' selection mode. Or did you mean expanding the canvas? You can also do that by resizing the canvas.
  17. I feel like a total noob now. What does 'QFT' mean?
  18. I prefer PDN over dA. The people there are kinda .. rude.
  19. There is no tutorial 'how' to use brushes. You just have to experiment yourself and see how it fits. You might not get the desired look at first, but that's why 'practice makes perfect'.
  20. If yuo kiep tippieng liek diz tehn I dubt eniuan is goyng 2 rekoknizz ur superolizzity! Seriously, stop spamming and behave like a 'human'.
  21. Yeah, Steam games are popular among little screaming kids. I used to play 3rd Party Mods such as Zombie Master and Zombie Panic Source and Insurgency. They tend to have less screaming twats.
  22. Ou mai gaawd! When we were discussing your 'lady' problems then I thought you were like 17 or something near that. I know how you feel, Aeonix. Most people don't know I'm 10. That's probably why I make posts like this so often. You're 10? :shock: This is getting more and more confusing for me. :?
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