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  1. Rant: Wasted a guest pass given by my friend. Can't normally play TF2 since the GPU likes to frustrate me with it's 'near-ending' condition. Why can't it be Christmas already?! After I've upgraded, I'll be needing to get a lot of games like BioShock, GTA4, maybe Doom3, maybe F.E.A.R, maybe GoW, then I need get Dark Messiah and GRAW2 from my mate. What else? Umm .. erm .. Oh, might consider getting Orange Box once and for all. Did I skip something? Wai muzt life be zo diffikult?!
  2. Happy Birthday & Party Hard! :wink:
  3. See? YOU SEE?!?! I'm not really that dumb! Booyah! Rant: It's been like a week since I had one reasonable idea for a piece made in PDN. It's been all 'absent-mind' past that point. I made a new banner for my gallery, but it's a banner. I'm going to work on my interface later. Maybe make new icons. Until then, I might go kill some time with video games.
  4. Wow, that's a lot of cakes! This birthday fever is becoming an epidemic. Happy Birthday and .. PARTY HARD!!!
  5. Darn these abbreviations. Erm .. FYI = For Your Information?
  6. Well, believe it or not - my explorer is 'removable'.
  7. Happy Birthday and never ever forget to party hard until you drop!
  8. I really doubt that. I can bet my life on that there's AT LEAST one person who'd like to make one's day miserable. I'm not going to visit dA unless I need C4Ds or brushes.
  9. Yeah, I once thought that 'task' was for Internet Explorer. When I removed it I was like 'lulwut'.
  10. Mine's going to be different. :wink:
  11. Man In The Box .. reminds me of a song from 'Alice In Chains', coincidentally it was called 'Man In A Box'. They are making a movie in memory of the lead singer. The movie is going to be called 'Man In The Box'. :shock: I miss that band.
  12. Happiness #1: Estonia won a gold medal at 'disc throwing'. Booyah! Happiness #2: I've decided to make an entry for 'Image Umbrella: Interfaces'. I'm recreating PDN. I'm giving it a totally new look - 100%. I've decided to recreate one aspect every day. I just finished the 'color' tool (F5) and I practically made everything from scratch. I only used a stock for the color wheel which I got from Google, then I used PDN's color selective tab. Both are edited so they won't look plain. I'm trying to give PDN a dark, slick and sexy look.
  13. Mind telling me what does that code do before I do something drastic and decide to send it to most of my contacts.
  14. Yeah, Microsoft is thinking of supporting touchscreens with Windows 7. They even held some public conference where they showed a demo of the 'multi touch screen'.
  15. I agree with Ember. At least a possibility of a larger amount of nubs would be a gift from heaven.
  16. Looks like Rubrica has had a fun time. Rant: Some jerk drove into my dad's car and there's a dent on one side with multiple scratches. We should get a camera soon on our street so soon it's easier to identify the idiots who are incapable at driving. Gotta love those 3-4 Porsche 944 Turbos that constantly are parked next to my house.
  17. I can't stop lolling at that cell shading tutorial. No offense, but I find it funny and quite amusing. 3+1 threads and all of them locked, õu mai gaawd!
  18. I feel sorry for you. I hope you get your 'drive fixed.
  19. Some of your brushes may have huge dimensions like 1000x1000, I'd suggest you remove those.
  20. Well, measuring the diameter of the pin-backed button's circle would kind of help you. When choosing your dimensions for the picture, it will show you the print size either in centimeters or inches. Well, knowing the 'dimensional capacities' you can then fit the dimensions of the piece equally to the button's size. Well, about the design, then it's up to you since you can put anything on it, I presume. There are a lot of button tutorials here so you might try your luck at those. Good luck!
  21. Great manipulations you got there. I simply love how the 'Moon' fades into black on 'Origins'.
  22. You better share that cake with us, dude. :shock: Happy Birthday! I hope you'll party very, very hard!
  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Took some time, but it was worth it! Happy, happy and party hard!
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