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  1. Happy Birthday and have some uncolored Skittles. :AddNoise:
  2. She tried to delay the birth giving by pushing forward the date before going to a hospital. She kinda tried to 'control' the whole thing.
  3. I read that some chick purposely gave birth at that exact date and named her son 'Damien'.
  4. World ending by some blackhole or a giant meteor would be so freaking lame. I'd rather die worthy while fighting off hordes of zombies or alien armies. Would be so much more satisfying.
  5. I wonder what really happens if we do get sucked into a blackhole. Do we like die from breathing failures or do we get sucked into a vortex and blasted into oblivion?
  6. Yes, I might be. *Searches in his mega-big wallpaper collection* Ta-daa! Edit: Found this on 4chan, so obviously I have no information about the author whatsoever.
  7. Bump? Was messing around with Rainmeter and RocketDock and this is what I got.
  8. Looks kind of plain by the pictures. Might try it soon, but I think it can't push aside Firefox, at least not for me.
  9. Don't be an emo and go for short hair! You'll feel better without the itchy pimples you get with long hair. No offense with the 'emo' thing intended.
  10. I find that sooooo slow and annoying when you're installing software. Weird, I haven't encountered any problems with it whatsoever. In fact, it was quite fast for me. :?
  11. You should also try 'Spybot: Search & Destroy'. It's good for digging up unnecessary bloody potato from your drives + malware and other viruses.
  12. :!: Already being planned, but this your last chance, do you really want to get kidnapped? People in the inside are working on it already but remember, once you find out about the Company, you can NEVER forget about the Company. :!: You better have good food, girls and video games .. not to forget the booze. Those are my only conditions.
  13. I have to wait for a while till I get a new graphic card, so I could finally play real games. Ughh, this 'depressing incapability' is killing me. Need good video games!
  14. 44!? Happy Birthday, old-timer! Just kidding, thanks for all the plug-ins and enjoy your birthday, mate!
  15. Oh, thanks, I get it. At first I thought it would be something like .. P1: 'Mudkips ftw, I herd u like dem!' P2: 'Dem mudkips sux0rz, digimon ftw!' Or something.
  16. Wow, this is as great as that British government piracy thing.
  17. What's this 'Hurt & Heal' game is see? What's the plot. Tell me.
  18. You rang, milord? Well, since I think Paint.NET is one topnotch program which I enjoy using, my wish list is limited. But I have to agree with many others, a configurable amount of knobs for the line tool would be nice. If a brush tool really is going to be implemented, could it support those vector things (those little logos on a long line) since I can't seem to get them to work properly with the current tool. Resizable tool windows would be more than welcome too. But still, I have no doubt that v4 will be a blast!
  19. ^ Is wrong, unfortunately. < ONOZ! Is going to upgrade! v Will post after me.
  20. You sound rather too happy about it. It means hell for me! Someone kidnap me, please!
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