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  1. ^ is wrong. I haven't got any 'boorings'. < is waiting for his new gfx card, so he could play good games! *Gaaaah!* v likes chicken.
  2. What's wrong with PC gaming? Much better controlling capabilities, in my opinion. E: Not to forget better and sharper gr4ph1x!!
  3. I've got two. Basically, I'm on the edge of the rec. settings. Yeah, the 18GB thing is kind of sick. I guess it's mainly because of the high resolution textures.
  4. The recommended requirements for the PC version of GTAIV were pronounced by some other website. They're quite low, but some people think these reqs. are fake. I hope not. But 18GB space needed for that game - Wow! :shock:
  5. Farewell Mike and may the force of PDN still guide you through of all your worries. Until we meet again ..
  6. And you said I was sick. You're so greedy you wont even give me a tiny bit of your 'future lands to be ruled'.
  7. Is there something you would like to share with the rest of us? :>
  8. Neh, I think I've already decided for this one. Let's hope and see what it has to offer. Edit: RANT: Skittles are so freaking hard to chew!
  9. Thank you. You'll get the hang of (if not already) PDN quite fast thanks to it's user friendly interface. Good luck!
  10. These aliens remind me of 'The Simpsons'. And David, we all shall go together. There's no 'you first' this time!
  11. QFT! My thoughts exactly. And David, I'm not sick. I just don't owe anything to mankind and I would rather see it humiliated, annihilated and utterly destroyed than to just take up precious space.
  12. It's actually a bit different than that. The thing is that I have done absolutely nothing that would upset him excluding the fact that he dislikes it when I'm on the PC a lot. I have good grades, I try to stay cool and act mature AND he totally wanted to get me THIS card since it's kind of cheap, but it's quite good. He agreed with everything and today, he came back from work, marched right up to me and gave me this bloody potato.
  13. Had a shout out with my dad recently. He claims that I'm lying about my GPU being broken just to get a new and better one. Then he mentioned other meaningless and irrelevant points which I don't give a rat's butt about. Seeing how people (even your loved ones) can turn into pricks every once in a while and the fact that most of World's population consists of mislead zombies and other idiots, makes me want the 'World's End' even more and more. [/EndRantmission] Someone shoot me in the face!
  14. Weren't the collision of atoms scheduled for next week since the machine crashed? Also, I heard that the 'black holes' were supposed to be microscopic and shouldn't oppose any threat to mankind .. unfortunately.
  15. I'm actually both. Shh, but don't tell anyone! Yarr!
  16. Memory is placed into removable chips which you can remove and reapply at any time. As you turn back time you get lost in an endless time warp. Have fun enjoying flashbacks of the most embarrassing moments of your life .. OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I wish it was Xmas, so I could receive my ATI Radeon HD 4850 faster!!
  17. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 will soon finish .. Oh, I forgot .. I AM A PIRATE!
  18. RANT: There's something wrong with the bass and I can't normally listen to Heavy Metal. 'DAMMIT! :x
  19. Blind Guardian - Majesty Blind Guardian - Guardian Of The Blind
  20. Been interested in web designing, but I haven't really had the time. I'm just wondering if it's really time consuming. I bet it is, but is it one of those things on which you can get real frustrated at? 'Been reading that many people here use 'Notepad++' along with PDN and CS(2/3). Is the notepad for coding the buttons etc.? Also, I'm a total wimp at coding. All I've ever used is Pawno Scripting Tool. Do you like use HTML or whatever else for coding? Thanks in advance and if you have any tutties and introductions for a nub, then lemme know.
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