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  1. Welcome to planet Earth .. where everything is irrelevant .. mostly for me since I don't give a rat's tail 'bout nutting .. most of the times ..

    Rant: Just like an hour ago, we had a Russian lesson. We were going to translate a hard text basically all by ourselves. So I opened the page with the text and saw that the previous owner of the book had already translated it for me. Then this pathetic classmate of mine practically told the teacher that I had it translated already in my book. Then the teacher started arguing with me and ordering me to erase the notes made with a pencil. Darn that fat and rude teacher. I 'oughta give her a painful <> and one for that traitorous classmate of mine.

    Luckily, that classmate 'MIGHT' get a 'D' for his homework since I didn't show him mine (I got an 'A').

    The next time he's going to ask me for homework I'll be like - <>

    I'm not an evil person, I just hate people who make my life miserable and screw up my day.

  2. Took a quick glance at Rick's new avatar and .. HOLY HELL!!!

    You look so similar to the guy in Gears of War .. GoW - a game which I happen to be playing at the moment. There's this cocky mechanic with a huge ego. He has those big goggles like you do, Rick! And blond hair.

    Rick, do you happen to be repairing futuristic APCs in an alien infested city? :lol: :shock:

  3. I wish, I wish I was a fish.

    Omg, you wish, you wish and you copied my freakin' wish! :shock: :o

    Nonetheless, God turns you into a petty small fish and lobs you into one of the rivers in Amazon. (Un)fortunately you get ripped to pieces in seconds by the bigger fishes. :P


    I wish, I wish I already had GTA4. :roll:

  4. If I'd let all the power out the school would be evacuated because of the collision threat which will be caused by the radioactive chemicals. >.>

    All and out it's like every other day, but the people .. I almost have nothing in common with them .. they're just like plain, ordinary people. My class has a habit to frustrate the teachers with all their talking and when I try to ask a teacher something I get all the frustration 'poured' onto me, like I was the cause of the teacher's frustration. And that makes me feel bad again. :|

  5. Life becomes a video game. You manage to 'save your life's progress' just before you're about to get run over by a bus. Since you like to overwrite your previous saves, you end up stuck in an utterly obnoxious and repetitive case of no way out.

    Load .. die .. load .. die .. load .. die ..

    I wish the teachers would catch cold.

  6. Today, at computer class, we started using the public drive again. All the computers are connected with each other and the teacher's head computer. Every computer has access to the public drive and can create/move/delete/etc folders. So there I was, making my folder and then just looking at the new folders in the making and appearing on my screen. At that very moment I lost it and started to delete everyone's folders. God, it felt so good. And even better, some other guy got shouted at because he did it once too, but he couldn't stop laughing. But, God, how did I end up laughing so badly after it was all over. :lol:

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